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Monday Milestone

I am thrilled to share this today.  I have officially lost 10.2 lbs since I started 5 weeks ago.

This morning I weighed in at 209.8 lbs. (I know that is barely visible but it really does say 209.8)

This is the lowest I have weighed in 2 years.

4 days ago, when I reached 211.8 lbs, I wrote the following in an email to my very good friend and fellow weightlooser…

“I’m actually scared that this is it. this is as good as I can do… this is all I have seen myself do. But then there is the other, motivated, positive me that knows it’s totally possible if I continue to push myself and stay on plan.

So…. I’m marking this the day that I decide to challenge my mind and body to take me further past this point so I can discover even better milestones.”

Today is the day I discovered an even better milestone. I did push myself further and I did succeed. I’m still not quite at this weeks goal. I have another 0.8lbs to get through. I will let you know on Friday if I made it. (UPDATE – WED MAR 31 – 0.4 to go)

Here is a picture from my jog tonight.  Shot from East Vancouver towards down town.

And and interesting piece of art work randomly nailed to a post.

This is me at 209.8 – After my jog tonight.


Goal Snapshot – March 29-April 2

March 29-April 2

Monday – Thursday
Fitness – Jog 35 min/Walk 25 – min. 2 km every night after work

Food – Eat mostly vegan diet. Find additional snacks to add to the work day menu.

Goal Weight for Friday, April 2 – 209lbs

Ready to eat.

I am a person who enjoys convenience when it comes to…. everything. My work week schedule is always busy and stressful and my diet has to fit when and where I need it to.  For the past 3 weeks I have done a wonderful job of preparing my lunches on Sunday. I make my Super Awesome Salad with of all of my favourite veggies ahead of time. This way I can grab one quickly on my way out the door.

The veggie selection is what ever I feel like that week mixed with chick peas for protein and an all natural lemon dressing for flavour. (.5 pts for 1 tsp)) Earlier I posted about how I only had $15 on me when I went jogging and stopped at the store on my way back.  The selection is sparse this time but it will do.  I had to put back the carrots and snow peas I picked out to stay on budget.


and after

that is a thing of beauty. I live with 2 roommates and that’s my shelf in the middle with my yummy salads.

Btw. I recently decided to switch to soy coffee cream.  I will do another post on this but will mention, for now, that it’s a great replacement and half the calories and fat.

I will pair the salads with an apple or asian pear (aka. Ya Pear). Asian pears are great because it’s a sort of light, watery, sweet, crunchy fruit and zero points.

Total Weight Watcher’s points –

Salad – 2.5
Apple – 1
Asian Pear – 0
Coffee with soy cream – 1  (I usually have 2 coffees) – 2pts

Estimated total points consumed during a normal workday = 5.5-7

(assuming no chocolates or candies were passed around)

For those of you who have no idea what the points mean, let me put it into some perspective. At my current weight, I have a calculated daily points allowance of 27.

I try to have rounded meals and stay around 6 points per meal and 1 or 2 for snacks. I really do think 5 is too low even if dramatic weight-loss is your goal. Everything needs to be in balance and on track. Too high or too low is not healthy.  I will come up with some healthy additions to my lunch menu this week.

Sunday’s running start

I love mornings. I especially love Sunday mornings. I usually go for an epically long walk/jog (about 10-15km) around the sea wall but this morning I went for a short jaunt down the street. I’ve totally been PMSing for a few days and skipped my jog 3 nights in a row. This goes against my self-imposed guidelines so this morning I told myself I had to try. Just put my shoes on and go do my best, even if it’s just a little bit.  There is also a coffee shop down the street

Jog – 15min.

Distance – 1km  – estimate only. ( forgot to bring my new pedometer)

Today’s Weight – 211.3

I also love sunday’s becuase it’s the day I get my produce and plan my meals, make my salads.  I only had $15 with me and I successfully bought enough food to make meals for the next three days.

I finally got home to make breakfast.  I thought this little experiment would taste more like pumpkin pie in a bowl…

I soon realized that it’s not the pumpkin that makes the pie taste so good, it’s the sugar, cream and buttery crust. All the ingredients I purposely didn’t include, making my breakfast version  a glorified adult baby food. Not disgustingly horrible, just bland. Bland I can work with.  It’s a great start becuase it’s filling, to the point of satifying and not stuffed, and only 2 pts.

Starting stats

Started 5 weeks ago, weighing in at a whopping 220.

Short term goal – 10% weight loss = 209lbs

Long term goal – 150lbs

Fitness: Jogging, more jogging.

*Had an accident last year that left me with a sore elbow on my left arm.  it’s still healing, slowly. doctor says that I have developed ligamitis and not to do anything that requires repetition or weight. it sucks big time. I can’t do anything I really want to. Luckily,  I really enjoy  jogging  and think it’s one of the best activities a person can do.

in the beginning…. again

2 years ago, Feb 2008, I dedicated my life to Health. That’s didn’t last.

Being the super planning project starter that I am,  health was just another thing to get done. I made it an item on the to-do list and eventually it crept all the way down to the bottom and off the page. In the mean time,  I went ahead and gained another 10 pounds.

That brings us to Feb. 2010. – Post Olympic Planning Craziness.  I worked long hours and many weekends for 4 months leading up to the 2010 Winter Olympics.  I carefully reviewed every order over and over until the last detail was in place and ready to go.  I managed an entire department,  an entire city of rentals single-handedly with little recognition. But I knew.  I could see it  everywhere I looked for 2 weeks, right there in view of the world (those who bothered watching) and all of the locals unknowingly dancing and cheering and celebrating, right beside my hard work.  It was a success,  I was a success.

Feb 12th – Opening Night. It was finally time to mingle and shake hands and I felt like a total fatty. A fat, nerdy girl who should stay on her end of the phone and remain unseen.  This feeling stormed in and shat on my bowl of happy. I just wanted to feel like myself, to walk into a room and present a person that matched the pretty awesome personality they already knew from over the phone and email correspondence.  I needed to change and decided to take that same dedication, hard work and control I used in my work life and apply it to my real life.

Feb 21 – At this point I had been jogging 3-4 times every week since January and knew that fitness is not a struggle for me. I’m surprisingly athletic for my size.  Knowing my excess weight was a direct result of poor diet,  I needed some kind of nutrition plan or diet tool or tracker that was easy to access.  I also wanted to be connected to a community that didn’t require going to meetings at certain times or trekking through Vancouver’s sloshy winter weather. I just wanted to keep it simple and easy to fit into life.  As soon as I found out weight watchers was offered online, I signed up.

so here I am today to share all my thoughts on weight loss along the way.