in the beginning…. again

2 years ago, Feb 2008, I dedicated my life to Health. That’s didn’t last.

Being the super planning project starter that I am,  health was just another thing to get done. I made it an item on the to-do list and eventually it crept all the way down to the bottom and off the page. In the mean time,  I went ahead and gained another 10 pounds.

That brings us to Feb. 2010. – Post Olympic Planning Craziness.  I worked long hours and many weekends for 4 months leading up to the 2010 Winter Olympics.  I carefully reviewed every order over and over until the last detail was in place and ready to go.  I managed an entire department,  an entire city of rentals single-handedly with little recognition. But I knew.  I could see it  everywhere I looked for 2 weeks, right there in view of the world (those who bothered watching) and all of the locals unknowingly dancing and cheering and celebrating, right beside my hard work.  It was a success,  I was a success.

Feb 12th – Opening Night. It was finally time to mingle and shake hands and I felt like a total fatty. A fat, nerdy girl who should stay on her end of the phone and remain unseen.  This feeling stormed in and shat on my bowl of happy. I just wanted to feel like myself, to walk into a room and present a person that matched the pretty awesome personality they already knew from over the phone and email correspondence.  I needed to change and decided to take that same dedication, hard work and control I used in my work life and apply it to my real life.

Feb 21 – At this point I had been jogging 3-4 times every week since January and knew that fitness is not a struggle for me. I’m surprisingly athletic for my size.  Knowing my excess weight was a direct result of poor diet,  I needed some kind of nutrition plan or diet tool or tracker that was easy to access.  I also wanted to be connected to a community that didn’t require going to meetings at certain times or trekking through Vancouver’s sloshy winter weather. I just wanted to keep it simple and easy to fit into life.  As soon as I found out weight watchers was offered online, I signed up.

so here I am today to share all my thoughts on weight loss along the way.


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