Ready to eat.

I am a person who enjoys convenience when it comes to…. everything. My work week schedule is always busy and stressful and my diet has to fit when and where I need it to.  For the past 3 weeks I have done a wonderful job of preparing my lunches on Sunday. I make my Super Awesome Salad with of all of my favourite veggies ahead of time. This way I can grab one quickly on my way out the door.

The veggie selection is what ever I feel like that week mixed with chick peas for protein and an all natural lemon dressing for flavour. (.5 pts for 1 tsp)) Earlier I posted about how I only had $15 on me when I went jogging and stopped at the store on my way back.  The selection is sparse this time but it will do.  I had to put back the carrots and snow peas I picked out to stay on budget.


and after

that is a thing of beauty. I live with 2 roommates and that’s my shelf in the middle with my yummy salads.

Btw. I recently decided to switch to soy coffee cream.  I will do another post on this but will mention, for now, that it’s a great replacement and half the calories and fat.

I will pair the salads with an apple or asian pear (aka. Ya Pear). Asian pears are great because it’s a sort of light, watery, sweet, crunchy fruit and zero points.

Total Weight Watcher’s points –

Salad – 2.5
Apple – 1
Asian Pear – 0
Coffee with soy cream – 1  (I usually have 2 coffees) – 2pts

Estimated total points consumed during a normal workday = 5.5-7

(assuming no chocolates or candies were passed around)

For those of you who have no idea what the points mean, let me put it into some perspective. At my current weight, I have a calculated daily points allowance of 27.

I try to have rounded meals and stay around 6 points per meal and 1 or 2 for snacks. I really do think 5 is too low even if dramatic weight-loss is your goal. Everything needs to be in balance and on track. Too high or too low is not healthy.  I will come up with some healthy additions to my lunch menu this week.


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