Sunday’s running start

I love mornings. I especially love Sunday mornings. I usually go for an epically long walk/jog (about 10-15km) around the sea wall but this morning I went for a short jaunt down the street. I’ve totally been PMSing for a few days and skipped my jog 3 nights in a row. This goes against my self-imposed guidelines so this morning I told myself I had to try. Just put my shoes on and go do my best, even if it’s just a little bit.  There is also a coffee shop down the street

Jog – 15min.

Distance – 1km  – estimate only. ( forgot to bring my new pedometer)

Today’s Weight – 211.3

I also love sunday’s becuase it’s the day I get my produce and plan my meals, make my salads.  I only had $15 with me and I successfully bought enough food to make meals for the next three days.

I finally got home to make breakfast.  I thought this little experiment would taste more like pumpkin pie in a bowl…

I soon realized that it’s not the pumpkin that makes the pie taste so good, it’s the sugar, cream and buttery crust. All the ingredients I purposely didn’t include, making my breakfast version  a glorified adult baby food. Not disgustingly horrible, just bland. Bland I can work with.  It’s a great start becuase it’s filling, to the point of satifying and not stuffed, and only 2 pts.


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