Monday Milestone

I am thrilled to share this today.  I have officially lost 10.2 lbs since I started 5 weeks ago.

This morning I weighed in at 209.8 lbs. (I know that is barely visible but it really does say 209.8)

This is the lowest I have weighed in 2 years.

4 days ago, when I reached 211.8 lbs, I wrote the following in an email to my very good friend and fellow weightlooser…

“I’m actually scared that this is it. this is as good as I can do… this is all I have seen myself do. But then there is the other, motivated, positive me that knows it’s totally possible if I continue to push myself and stay on plan.

So…. I’m marking this the day that I decide to challenge my mind and body to take me further past this point so I can discover even better milestones.”

Today is the day I discovered an even better milestone. I did push myself further and I did succeed. I’m still not quite at this weeks goal. I have another 0.8lbs to get through. I will let you know on Friday if I made it. (UPDATE – WED MAR 31 – 0.4 to go)

Here is a picture from my jog tonight.  Shot from East Vancouver towards down town.

And and interesting piece of art work randomly nailed to a post.

This is me at 209.8 – After my jog tonight.


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