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happy friday – WI results

Weigh in Results

-4.1 lbs

Current weight 199.4

Officially out of the two hundreds and now, onto the next goal 180’s.

A week ago I realized that my sunday meal preps are extremely important to see the results I want.  I finally had a perfect week even with a busy schedule thanks to my sunday preps and keeping healthy snacks around at all times. My work days look like this:

I’m super tired tonight so I’ll throw together some thoughts and call it a night

Things I did in april

  • Lost 10lbs
  • Jogged 51kms – total
  • five 5km jogs, one 10km, a bunch of small 2-4kms
  • 4 hikes
  • 2  15km bike rides
  • 3 15km epic long walks
  • ate mostly home-made meals
  • tried a recipe
  • changed my hair
  • bought new dress pants and a skirt for spring

So what does 199.4lbs look like on me?

And… the hair. but seriously, do I look 27?

Sianara April, Bonjour May.


APRIL GOAL — 200.8lbs

did you see what i did there…. that’s right. I MADE APRIL GOAL!!!!

April goal – CHECK

Official weigh-in will be Friday but, as you might have noticed, I’m a little scale obsessed and HAVE to check just in case something exciting happens.

Busy day today, just got in from a morning jog and off to work. Then off to the gym for the first time in about 6 months before an aquafit class.

And now, a note to 199lbs.

Dear Oneder,

Although time and distance grew between us over the years, you were always on my mind and I kept hope that I would return some day. I am excited to announce that I will be moving back to Onederland  in the next few days.

You may not recognize me as I have grown up since our visit however, I will be the girl with the messy hair and sweaty arm pits working off that last pound in 200.

Look forward to seeing you shortly


Antoinette (toni)

On plan

Took a quick peek at the scale when I got home from work today….

That’s right… 201.8 lbs

It is amazing how one perfect day can really turn things around and I still have 4 more to enjoy.

0.9 lbs until I see that 200.9 but I just decided to shoot for 199.9lbs by friday.

I have 2 aquafit classes after an hour at the gym, and 3  jogs,  scheduled for the rest of the week.. Here we go!!!

Another Sunday – salads and spaghetti sauce… and a snack

(weight at the moment – 202.0 lbs)

It’s Sunday!  The day I do all my shopping and chopping and prepping and packing.

I took a day off from fitness to ensure that a repeat of last week doesn’t happen.  I feel relieved that everything is prepped and ready to go for the week and is now off my mind.

I have a very clear goal this week, to reach 200 lbs, and as you can see, I am so SO close. All of this meal prep is one of the main keys to my success so far and will get me to WI on Friday.

So…Off to the grocery store I went.

…even stayed on budget. $35.00 for all of this bright and delicious food

Everything I need for:

A) Super Awesome Salads

B) Pasta Dinners

C) NEW RECIPE – Cauliflower Poppers –  Zero points

Plus some extra items I like to keep around.

Exhibit A) – Check

PS – that is grated carrot on top, not cheese.

B) Spaghetti  sauce

Step 1 – Chop everything up

Step 2 – Cook

Step 3 – Add  Sauce -(I always look for the most natural pasta sauce available with the lowest calorie/fat possible)

Let simmer on low for as long as you like.  Cool, portion and refrigerate or freeze. I portion 1 cup per serving – makes 5 servings.

And now… my new snack.  It’s been my goal since the beginning of April to try 1 new recipe each week and each week I’ve failed to follow through. I am extra excited to share this recipe I found on the Weight Watcher’s website and even went ahead and tried it.

C) Cauliflower Poppers – Zero Points

Break cauliflower into bite size pieces

Add seasoning – I replaced the recipe spices with what I had in the cupboard

cayenne, ground pepper, dash of seasoning salt. Place on cooking sheet.

Cook for 10min at 400

Portion – 1/2 cup per serving. I had 1 full cup for zero points


Happy Sunday!! Hope you have the happiest and healthiest week.

Friday WI and recap

Plagued by a rush of separation anxiety at the thought of leaving my bike in the cold dark shop at work, I decided to brave the rain and ride home.  I learned a few things like why cyclist always wear those horribly ugly jackets, why a visor on the brim of your helmet is a good idea, why I need to get my front break replaced…better yet, the whole bike replaced. I had fun though, smeared mascara and all.

Blossom snowed street

oh.. and I forgot to mention this before. Every single day I pass by the set of Smallville. This  is the ground level, behind the fence view. From the sky train you can see right down into it.

As you can tell, I’m avoiding the big weekly review.  The same way I avoided weigh in all day. But, here it is…

-0.3 lbs

I’m not terribly disappointed because I expected something like this and knew on tuesday that I had lost some focus.

Week in review – In short

Food was dramatically difficult to manage.  It felt like my metabolism kicked into high gear and I was constantly confused about being hungry for real or if the hunger was just being a greedy monster.

3.5lbs to April goal. It’s so close. I just want to see 200. on the scale. I would be very happy with that.

Weighin Pic – 203.5  – Just for fun, I let my hair go a little crazy today to say to the world, “I really don’t care if you think I’m too fat, I’ll ride my bike if I want to”

8 days and counting

Where did April go? It snuck right up behind me and stole my motivation…picked it right out of my pocket and ran away.

Here is where things get more challenging, where motivation drifts off into the sunset and leaves me with aches and pains and an appetite that seems to never subside. Since the beginning, I have made a point not to rely on this magical feeling of motivation. Motivation comes and goes through moments of inspiration and only visits on the good days. So, what do I have instead?  FOCUS. Focus brings everything I want into view. I bring it back to the simplest factors that will carry me to that next lost pound or two, the next goal.

Focus on the end result.

Focus on why

Focus on this week and what I can do today

Focus on how great it feels to be active and how fun it is

Focus on what I can do better, what needs to be tweaked

Focus, Focus, Focus.

Some times it’s about diverting my focus away from the crazy lady cravings and distracting myself with something I love…. like riding bikes, the beach, a new book, friends, a movie…. anything but snacking.

I have 8 days left in April to reach my goal and I’m focusing on making every one of these days perfect.

Day 1 – Check

I’ve even enrolled an accountability partner for the next 8 days who will help me stay on track (Thank you Jax) along with the support of my awesome and inspiring friend amber and the WW message board ladies (and gent????).

Tonight I reeled in some of that focus and put it towards making a home-made healthy dinner and FINALLY prepping a super awesome salad for tomorrow. I know 1 out of 5 days is nothing to brag about but….. at least the veggies didn’t go to waste.

SAS - April 22 - Friday's lunch

My newly discovered distraction from all things hungry:

Last night I went for a 6km jog to English bay, had a picnic for one at the beach (not in the sand), read my new book (The Host) and watched the sunset.

April 21 - 6km - English Bay

English bay

On the way:

Palm Trees…. IN CANADA. Every time I see palm trees trying to grow in Vancouver, I laugh a little bit.

April 21 - 6km - Birds hanging out

My new favourite treats

Ginger Green Tea


…. Back stock of sunrype treats (for work only. Stock is safely hidden in the back of the cupboard… enjoy responsibly)

Weigh-in tomorrow along with the regular slew of updates.

I forgot the whole point- back to the main focus

I’ve been racking up the fitness points like crazy this month.  I’m so proud of all of my efforts and how much I have accomplished.

Last night, after visiting a friend and getting home at 9pm, I STILL went out for a 5k jog. And this morning, I dragged my sleepy self out of bed at 5:45am to meet another friend for a morning jog before work. Tonight I will be going to Aquafit and perhaps get in another jog or bike ride when I get home. All this activity is great. I feel AMAZING. like I could probably take over the world with this much energy.

However, remember way back when (in Feb) I made my introduction about this whole weight loss thing and specifically mentioned that I need to focus on FOOD. I wrote about how I am already very good with the fitness part and my real struggle is with food. Somehow my attention got diverted to all of this activity and I lost a bit of my focus on the nutritional side. I did my shopping on the weekend, got all my veggies and snacks, but got so excite about my bike that I didn’t bother to make my super awesome salads for the week. It’s now Tuesday and those veggies are still sitting in my fridge waiting to chopped up and carefully portioned, and for the second day in a row I haven’t brought a proper lunch  to work and have been snacking on fruit and veggie bars and coffee.  I found a packet of oatmeal that will suffice but, seriously….THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE

I’m bringing my attention right back to nutrition and portion control. Tonight I will make my salads and pack lunches for the rest of the week. I’ll still keep up with all the fun fitness things I’ve been up to but make sure I schedule the time to prep and make meals at home. Update later tonight.

struggles so far

I’ve been thinking about individual hurdles and personal weightloss struggles and strategies for a few weeks. Some people  focus more on food management,  some go hard on fitness, some find the perfect balance of both. Some people prefer to workout inside at the gym others like outdoors. Some like classes, others in the comfort of their home, and some, just can’t work out at all due to different injuries or chronic illness. etc. etc. etc ETC. Everybody is different and needs to find what works for them in the life that they current live.

So…. what’s my style? What are my struggles and what do I do about them?

First of all, I have asthma. This is a chronic condition that requires medication to regulate. It wasn’t until I accepted that this condition will always be a part of my life and made it a priority to manage properly that I was able to even start changing the rest of my life.  Finding the right medication has changed everything.  My lungs feel like they are functioning properly and actually taking in oxygen, allowing me to do all the activities I love.  Thank you science, thank you doctors.

Another chronic condition is my elbow. The doctor called it Ligamitis. (similar to tendonitis but “itis” of the ligament).The story goes like this… Last summer I was getting very good at cycling to and from work and one particular morning, as I  came down the hill and pulled into the parking lot, I ALMOST got hit by a purolator truck. He was pulling out too fast while I was swerving in so my natural reaction was to slam on my brakes which sent me  straight to the pavement, landing on my side with most of the pressure on my arm. The X-Rays were clear and that was the extent of the hospital visit.  The recovery has been very slow and may never be 100% again. Doctors instructions are as follows: “if it hurts, don’t do it. Take it easy. No repetitive movements, no lifting heavy items” . This injury requires me to modify EVERYTHING I do.  I had to stop going to the gym, I can’t do boot camp or dance classes that I used to enjoy. I can’t even carry heavy groceries home. But, I can jog and jogging I will do. The more I do, the easier it gets and the more I enjoy it.

CANDY!!!!! I LOVE CANDY!!! I love it. I’m really not into baked goods or chocolates or fancy desserts but, flash some bright coloured jubjubs in my face and I go crazy. I used to carry candy with me everywhere, everyday. I don’t remember a day where I didn’t have candy of some sort until I decided to change everything in Feb. I knew that this was going to be a huge issue for me and needed a replacement that wouldn’t leave me feeling even more desperate in the end.  This is what helps me get through. Fruit and Veggie bars.  It’s like candy but.. it’s all fruit. I have one when and if any craving pops up, usually around 2-3 pm in the afternoon. I may change this habit in the future but until I am no longer having an obsessive compulsion towards candy, this will get me through. Also, when I’m at a grocery store and that nasty instinctive  craving to buy candy comes up, I go and buy a fun new magazine. Not only do I feel like I’m getting myself a little something special, it also distracts me from thinking about the craving.


The rest of the struggles have more to do with better planning and meal preparation instead of eating out. It was as  simple as tracking every thing I ate every day. After I saw just how many calories were consumed in one meal at a restaurant, it was easy to X that out. I’ll post another day about my self-imposed guide lines.

These are the major issues that I jumped into the deep end with but quickly figured out how to manage each one. There’s more I could do but right now I feel amazing and look great so I must be doing something right.

Happy Monday!

sunny sundays

This weekend has been filled with so much activity that I’m finally exhausted. I’m pooped right now, and yet, I want to get out one more time to enjoy the sunshine. It’s days like this that remind me why I wait out the soggy Vancouver winters, that make every single rainy day worth it. I’ve found ways to manage through the winters but as I become more and more like one of those people who are always doing crazy things like jogging 13km home or riding their bikes through rush hour and climbing mountains on the weekend, the weather has less of an effect on me and what I do.

A friend joined me for a morning jog on Saturday. It was great but she goes really super fast. Much faster than my usual pace. Although I didn’t mind the extra push, it was just too fast for me and I had to fall behind and stick to what I’m used to. It made me realize how everyone has different styles of fitness and the most important thing to do is find what works best for you.  Just….. do something.

Later on Saturday afternoon I took my niece swimming for HOURS. She is a little monster in the water. Only 3 and she’s already jumping into the deep end and swimming back to the wall. She gets so excited that you have to reminder to breath when she pops up out of the water. We were there for a good 2 hours.

This morning I dragged my tired butt out of bed at 6:30 to head out  for another hike in Deep Cove. It was the perfect morning to be on the trails.

Time: 28 minutes to the look out.  We even picked up the pace to a slow(and careful) jog in some spots. As we passed by a group of 4 people who were taking a mini rest stop, I over heard them say  “….yeah, just like those two girls”  they are so fit and strong and going so much faster than us, I wish I could be like that. Ok, they didn’t really say the last part but I like to think that’s what they meant.

Back in the village we got breakfast at Honey’s Cafe (best home-made doughnuts in the world) I ordered a breakfast sandwich with potato bread, egg, bacon, and cheese. Ate on top of a huge rock at the beach.

I haven’t made the best food choices this weekend. I was out and about most of the time and ate out more than usual. It’s only 2 and a half days into my WW week and ALL of my weekly points and some of my fitness points are used up.

That’s how it goes sometimes but in cases like this, it’s not the points so much as what I ate, what I gave into, what I didn’t plan on eating. I never feel guilty about food or treats but I do feel horrible when it feels like something out of my own plan or will power and that’s exactly what happened this weekend.

Dinner at Earl’s before a movie. When I eat out, I know that pretty much everything on the menu is a sham so I might as well order what I really want but making an effort to choose wisely. I got the quesadilla while a friend ordered the caesar salad with chicken. After commending her for her efforts to make healthy choices, I looked up the nutritional information online. My meal was exactly what I expected it to be, quesadilla being 700 calories but, the BIGGEST shocker ever…ready for it? Her salad was 1120 calories. LESSON LEARNED. 1) Never eat at Earl’s again. 2) Salad’s do not necessarily mean healthier choice.

On Saturday I made a really great version of a tuna melt. Small tortillas, tuna, lemon, fresh dill and 1 slice of swiss cheese. *no mayo

I’m off to get my bike in working order for this week…  and enjoy the last bit of sunshine today.

(sorry for the bad quality pic, but, I looked really good that day)


Friday April 16 – Weigh in and recap

WEIGH IN – APRIL 16th:  203.8lbs

This weeks loss: -2.8lbs

Total : -16.8 lbs

Activity points earned this week: 75 (Doubled from last week)

April goals:  NEW*** Goal Page – See tab at the top of the page.  Updated as needed.
What I did well:

Packed healthy lunches and snacks for work everyday (despite going to a lunch meeting on Wed which was highly disappointing foodwise)

Scheduled fitness every day. With my sit- on- your- butt- all- day job, it’s important for me to find time everyday to do something active. WHY? because that’s what bodies are designed to do. MOVE!!!

Added 4km brisk walk to my everyday by walking from my apartment to the skytrain, from skytrain to work (1km on each side = 2) plus return = 2.

5km evening jogs – new standard. I should let you know there are a couple of really good hills in there too. It’s not exactly easy but continues to become less difficult every day.

10km jog home – This I am most proud of.


5/7 Perfect days.


Prepared those super-duper salads for lunch along with snacks

Dinner – still lacking in originality but, I made healthy dinners *almost every night.

New recipe – Not really… except for the smoothie… does that count? I’m really bad at making things because I’m generally happy keeping it simple.  Also, premade dinners tend to spoil before I ever finish them which ends up being a huge waste of money and time.

Fewer treats. Every week I notice how much my tastes change. My cravings for candies and sugary treats keeps going down. I can pass by 3 or 4 stores on the way home where I could conveniently pick up anything my sweet tooth desires… but I keep walking.

* New, self-imposed guide line – EAT DINNER EVERY NIGHT. After my 10km jog I was so beat that all I could do was chug a few glasses of water, change out of my running gear and crash on my pillow.  NOT GOOD. My goal here is to lose weight in the healthiest way possible with nutritious food and fitness, NOT deprivation.