Ain’t no April fool – April Goals

I am off to Vancouver Island for the long weekend to spend some much needed quality sister time. I plan to only indulge in non-food things like movies, spa treatments and shoes (just to name a few)

Because I am leaving straight from work, I won’t be able to do tomorrow’s weigh-in until Sunday but as of this morning I am still sitting at 209.4lbs (oh so close to my goal this week)

My goals this month line up completely with the progress I have made so far, but with that little extra push.

Goal Weight: 200lbs 
– 10lbs

Fitness Goals:
Jog – 50kms
Bike ride – Get the bike back on the road and ride home from work on the not rainy days. (apx 15km/50-60minutes)
Hike and Canoe – 2 of my favourite things to do but haven’t had time yet this year.

Nutrition  Goals:
Have 6/7 perfect days on plan each week.
Track everyday
Prep and package healthy lunches and snacks for Work (Mon-Thursday)
Try 1 new vegan recipe each week. (salads not included)



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