+5 additional lbs.

I have to say that I am amazed at my progress. 10lbs used to seem like an impossible idea but here we are. I finally tracked this week’s weight and Ta-Da I got a star. I had to post this to show just how close I am to my 5% goal. Only .4 away. I’m determined to surpass that this week.

I’m not sure why Weight Watcher’s has 2 5lb stars but I’m assuming it has something to with the fact that the first 5 is shed off almost effortlessly. Usually water weight and bloating. It’s after that first 5lbs that the weight loss challenge begins.

So cheers to me and my 5+ purple star (Holds up water bottle and almost spills on keyboard)

Tonight I might be joined by my really amazing and inspirational friend Amber for a jog. it’s been 2 years since we went jogging together. Will be a nice change from my usual solo adventures. *Update – We went for a walk at english bay tonight instead of jogging, and all the way back to Main street. Apx. 10km total.

View from English Bay - April 5th, 7:30 ish pm

Also, I am still not convinced that that extra 1 pound I saw on the scale this morning is real. I will be re-weighing myself tonight…. just to see. * Update – IT’S EFFING REAL! 9pm, Just weighed in at 210.2 lbs. BOOOOO!!!! I will now accept it and proceed to eliminate it.

Today’s Menu:
Breakfast – Coffee with Vanilla soy coffee cream, Fruit and Veggie bar
Lunch – Super Awesome Salad – See pictures in previous post. Asian Pear
Snack – Apple, more coffee
Dinner – I have no idea yet but I’m leaning towards something like fruit smoothie or salad. *I had sushi.


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