208.2 – Freaking awesome

Weighing in this morning at 208.2 lbs

That’s Right. I did that.

I will admit that the extra 1 pound that crept in over Easter scared me. Every week I worry that this is as far as I can go, this is the weight I will forever be and there might not be any hope for me. This kind of fear and worry I would call healthy. It brings consciousness and attention to what would otherwise be neglected. It’s the same kind of fear and worry you would use to not fall off a cliff.  Now, I know we’re supposed to weigh in only once per week but I just love keeping track and watching the progress. I would have missed this exciting moment had I waited until Friday. If I am Up a pound or two I know I need to adjust and tweak my efforts in some areas. If I am under, well, I get to celebrate. Like today.


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2 responses to “208.2 – Freaking awesome

  • Lisa

    I love your blog – I’ll be creeping your blog regularly. Way to go on the loss! I weigh-in every day as well – it helps me not forget that I need to lose the weight. Sittin at 215 now and am hoping to be where you are in 2 weeks!

  • Michelle

    I agree – that fear keeps us on our toes and working hard – or at least it’s supposed to! Congrats 🙂

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