Hockey and my cute T

I looked particularly cute today in my Giants hockey team t-shirt.  I’m really not into sports but, thanks to my job, I have an entire season of FREE tickets. Plus, there is no better place for a single lady to hang out other than a stadium full of cute boys. I don’t know any of the player’s names, I don’t know who won (left early) but I do know I will keep going, if only to create the opportunity of serendipitous encounters with men who happen to sit close enough to make flirty eye contact with.  Shallow?  I like to call it hopeful.

Plus, look how cute I am in my game outfit.

I noticed that my curves are looking more fluid (as in smooth) and less lumpy and bumpy.  Tonight my girl-friend noticed that I looked smoother along my back too. (you know where your bra cuts into your back fat). I’m not avoiding mirrors as much either and starting to like what I see.   All I can do is jog at the moment but it appears to be working. I’ve also added in an additional 4 km of brisk walking every day by skipping the bus ride and walking to the train instead. 1 km to the train from my apartment and 1 km from the train to work. And do it all again on the way back home. I wouldn’t normally count walking in my activity because it’s part of my every day life.  But, because I’m choosing not to be lazy,  I want the points as a reminder that every little bit counts. Even 1km, even 10 minutes.

I had a great food day until I shared nachos before the game. Eating nachos was not the issue, I had more than enough points saved up for dinning out tonight, the  problem was that I became hungry for real food after a half hour which lead to the purchase of chicken corn dogs. Empty calories, one right after the other. The importance of a decent dinner seems to be recurring throughout this week. Will be focusing on this next.

Hope you have the happiest and healthiest day.


Vancouver Giants

April 6th Jogging pic

April 6 - 7pmish - Looking from East van on the down town skyline.


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