Epically long walk home from work….. 3 hours later.

So, for some reason I thought it would be really fun to try to walk home. I mean, the commute is not so bad and I’m familiar with the path from riding my bike home at least 2 dozen times last summer. While it’s a really lovely riding route, the walk was BORING. I followed the BC URBAN PARKWAY. A shared path that follows directly under the skytrain or right beside it. That’s probably the reason why most people who take the skytrain everyday have no idea it exists… they can’t see it.

and more park way,

With out the sunshine, the walk was just…. a walk. However, I’m glad I did it. Aprx. 13 km in 3 hours which included having to go back to the office to get my ipod (would not have lasted the whole way had it not been for my beloved audio books and jogging music) +5 minutes, taking pictures along the way +5 minutes, a short stop at the bathroom +5 minutes, getting off the route to find a bathroom +5 minutes and stopping at the store to get something to make for dinner +15 minutes. I also think I could have walked faster but was afraid I would get fatigued and give up. That never happened. Actually, I wanted to jog, to go faster, to feel my heart pumping and build up a sweat.  So, what’s the verdict?  Kind of boring but perhaps a different route that cuts through Deer Lake park would make it better and wearing a proper fitness outfit to allow for inspired bouts of jogging. Next time.

For dinner I invented a sort of  almost vegan taco. So simple, so quick and really tasty. 3pts for both tacos (vegan), 4.5 (2 tacos) with a sprinkle of romano cheese for flavour.

Weigh In tomorrow morning before I leave for work. SO EXCITED.



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