Friday – April Goals Recap and WI

Weigh in – Friday April 9 –  206.6 lbs and 5% Super star.

Down 2.8 lbs from last week.
Total loss of -13.4 lbs

Activity Points achieved this week – 38

April Goal Weight: 200lbs
-3.4/- 10lbs

Fitness Goals for month of April:
Jog – 50kms: 5km total. 2 of my scheduled jog nights turned into 10+ km brisk walks (doesn’t count towards jogging) . Skipped one night for nachos and hockey.
Bike ride – Nope. Not yet.
Hike and Canoe – Hike scheduled for Sunday morning. First hike of the season. yay!

Nutrition Goals:
Have 6/7 perfect days on plan each week: Considering the long weekend and mini vacation to see my sister, I did pretty good. 4/7 perfect days.

Track everyday – Check
Prep and package healthy lunches and snacks for Work (Mon-Thursday) – Check
Try 1 new vegan recipe each week. (salads not included) – check, sort of. Almost Vegan Tacos that I put together last night. This would be vegan if I skipped the romano cheese, AND, it’s not from a recipe.

This week’s Focus – Dinner


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