Weekend fitness fun

(weight at the moment – 205lbs – 15 LBS  woohoo!)

I had 2 extremely fun fitness adventures this weekend.

The first personal non-scale victory is my saturday morning jog. Every saturday or sunday I head out for an extra long jog/walk. This particular Saturday morning I was feeling extra energetic and fresh and couldn’t wait to get out there.   Once I reached my 2km goal I felt like I could keep going and decided to push further. Looking at a sign post that said “3km”

I wondered if I could do it and just had to try. I made it the whole way, with a brief 30 second stop to snap a picture or two,  for a total of 5km. That is the furthest I have jogged all at once, no walking breaks to catch my breath. It wasn’t so much the distance, 5km is a pretty basic beginners jog, but surpassing my own expectations made me feel so impressed. so proud, so inspired. and a little cocky. I turned around to see where I had come from (science world) and thought… “I’m pretty much awesome right now”

On a side note: I jogged to Granville island and took a quick peruse through the market. Look what I found…(no, i didn’t get one. just pretty to look at)

Second success of the weekend was HIKING!!!!!! my favourite. My really awesome and inspiring friend Amber and I went to our usual hiking spot, Deep Cove.

Deep Cove Hike - View from Grey Rock

AMAZING!!!! I completely forgot to keep track of the time but we knew it was much faster then ever before with no resting stops along the way. That is an impressive improvement from last year.

In other news: It appears the fitness gods have decided it’s time for me to go hardcore. ahem…  my monthly bus pass has mysteriously found a new home somewhere out there in the world.  I am the opposite of a sit and pout kind of person, more of a “that sucks… oh well.. guess that means I should start riding my bike” kinda gal. Starting tomorrow, I will be commuting via bike ride as much as possible. Riding bikes makes life much more enjoyable than sitting on crowded buses and trains and waiting for busses and trains.  Biking gives you wind in your hair, amazing views, cardio excercise, going fast, getting lost in beautiful places. It does not get better.

I was just craving a treat, like ice cream or a slurpee, and made this instead. 1 cup mango Happy Planet, 1 cup blueberries.

and after


Hope you have the happiest and healthiest Sunday.


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