I set a goal a few days ago to someday eventually jog 10k thinking it would be some time next month, or even by the end of this summer. I JUST finished working my way up to 5km on Saturday and set that as the new standard for my evening jogs during the week, 10km seemed like the next achievable goal to work up to. 

I decided to try the walk home from work again tonight, but this time came prepared with running gear to allow for inspired bouts of going faster. My goal was to get in my 5km and do what extra I can.  I told myself to just try, that’s all I have to do, that nobody expects anything from me and there really is no point except to see what I’m capable of.  To my complete surprize I made it 10km and enjoyed every minute of it, even when it felt too hard to keep going. There is something completely satisfying about surprizing yourself, pushing yourself to a new level and setting the bar a little higher for next time.

I found a gorgeous park along the way, got side tracked through this neighborhood made of apartment buildings (seriously, not even one house for at least 4 or 5 blocks. it reminded me of lego),  met a little furry squirrel who was way too friendly for his own good and got sort of lost and ended up coming out on a street with a gorgeous view of the mountains. I even think this really cute guy playing tennis around 29th ave station checked me out. (Tennis dude, if you ever find me here… Hi.You’re cute and I could use a new sport. )

Also, checked my weight when I got in. 203.6lbs WOAH!!! I’m so close to being out of the 200’s. I’m boggled, thrilled, and  worried it’s going to take a whole lot more 10k runs. What if I get sick of eating salads for lunch every day, what if something breaks, what if the weather is bad, what if I develope knee problems, what if… what if.. what..

But.. what if I succeed. What if I am completely capable of doing this. What if it’s not that hard to get there?

So.. here’s to just trying and getting to 10km. (still can’t believe I did that)

Haven’t taken many pictures lately but here’s a couple from recent jogs this week.

Today, April 14 – 10km

Tuesday, April 13 – 5km

Monday, April 12 – 4.5km

oh yeah.. and I added weights.


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2 responses to “10Km

  • Ambina

    Toni…I am so beyond proud of you right now. I feel like I could cry. I know how hard you have worked to get where you are and, you know what, you deserve every bit of pride and joy and happiness from this!! You will get under 200 by the end of next week. I know it. There’s no doubt in my mind AT ALL. Especially after this weekend’s double whammy! 😉 You. Inspire. Me. XOXOXO

  • Lisa

    Wow – way to go! I completely envy you! I am currently working up to 5K and my legs feel like jell-o. Congrats! I’m looking forward to reading your blogs in a few months about training for a 1/2 marathon. You’re inspiring me!

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