Friday April 16 – Weigh in and recap

WEIGH IN – APRIL 16th:  203.8lbs

This weeks loss: -2.8lbs

Total : -16.8 lbs

Activity points earned this week: 75 (Doubled from last week)

April goals:  NEW*** Goal Page – See tab at the top of the page.  Updated as needed.
What I did well:

Packed healthy lunches and snacks for work everyday (despite going to a lunch meeting on Wed which was highly disappointing foodwise)

Scheduled fitness every day. With my sit- on- your- butt- all- day job, it’s important for me to find time everyday to do something active. WHY? because that’s what bodies are designed to do. MOVE!!!

Added 4km brisk walk to my everyday by walking from my apartment to the skytrain, from skytrain to work (1km on each side = 2) plus return = 2.

5km evening jogs – new standard. I should let you know there are a couple of really good hills in there too. It’s not exactly easy but continues to become less difficult every day.

10km jog home – This I am most proud of.


5/7 Perfect days.


Prepared those super-duper salads for lunch along with snacks

Dinner – still lacking in originality but, I made healthy dinners *almost every night.

New recipe – Not really… except for the smoothie… does that count? I’m really bad at making things because I’m generally happy keeping it simple.  Also, premade dinners tend to spoil before I ever finish them which ends up being a huge waste of money and time.

Fewer treats. Every week I notice how much my tastes change. My cravings for candies and sugary treats keeps going down. I can pass by 3 or 4 stores on the way home where I could conveniently pick up anything my sweet tooth desires… but I keep walking.

* New, self-imposed guide line – EAT DINNER EVERY NIGHT. After my 10km jog I was so beat that all I could do was chug a few glasses of water, change out of my running gear and crash on my pillow.  NOT GOOD. My goal here is to lose weight in the healthiest way possible with nutritious food and fitness, NOT deprivation.


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2 responses to “Friday April 16 – Weigh in and recap

  • Lisa

    Way to go! What an excellent weigh in! And I thought I was a super at gaining AP’s – you blow me right out of the water. 75 AP’s is incredible! Excellent job. I’m super jealous of your running success. I can only run for one minute at a time (ha).

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