sunny sundays

This weekend has been filled with so much activity that I’m finally exhausted. I’m pooped right now, and yet, I want to get out one more time to enjoy the sunshine. It’s days like this that remind me why I wait out the soggy Vancouver winters, that make every single rainy day worth it. I’ve found ways to manage through the winters but as I become more and more like one of those people who are always doing crazy things like jogging 13km home or riding their bikes through rush hour and climbing mountains on the weekend, the weather has less of an effect on me and what I do.

A friend joined me for a morning jog on Saturday. It was great but she goes really super fast. Much faster than my usual pace. Although I didn’t mind the extra push, it was just too fast for me and I had to fall behind and stick to what I’m used to. It made me realize how everyone has different styles of fitness and the most important thing to do is find what works best for you.  Just….. do something.

Later on Saturday afternoon I took my niece swimming for HOURS. She is a little monster in the water. Only 3 and she’s already jumping into the deep end and swimming back to the wall. She gets so excited that you have to reminder to breath when she pops up out of the water. We were there for a good 2 hours.

This morning I dragged my tired butt out of bed at 6:30 to head out  for another hike in Deep Cove. It was the perfect morning to be on the trails.

Time: 28 minutes to the look out.  We even picked up the pace to a slow(and careful) jog in some spots. As we passed by a group of 4 people who were taking a mini rest stop, I over heard them say  “….yeah, just like those two girls”  they are so fit and strong and going so much faster than us, I wish I could be like that. Ok, they didn’t really say the last part but I like to think that’s what they meant.

Back in the village we got breakfast at Honey’s Cafe (best home-made doughnuts in the world) I ordered a breakfast sandwich with potato bread, egg, bacon, and cheese. Ate on top of a huge rock at the beach.

I haven’t made the best food choices this weekend. I was out and about most of the time and ate out more than usual. It’s only 2 and a half days into my WW week and ALL of my weekly points and some of my fitness points are used up.

That’s how it goes sometimes but in cases like this, it’s not the points so much as what I ate, what I gave into, what I didn’t plan on eating. I never feel guilty about food or treats but I do feel horrible when it feels like something out of my own plan or will power and that’s exactly what happened this weekend.

Dinner at Earl’s before a movie. When I eat out, I know that pretty much everything on the menu is a sham so I might as well order what I really want but making an effort to choose wisely. I got the quesadilla while a friend ordered the caesar salad with chicken. After commending her for her efforts to make healthy choices, I looked up the nutritional information online. My meal was exactly what I expected it to be, quesadilla being 700 calories but, the BIGGEST shocker ever…ready for it? Her salad was 1120 calories. LESSON LEARNED. 1) Never eat at Earl’s again. 2) Salad’s do not necessarily mean healthier choice.

On Saturday I made a really great version of a tuna melt. Small tortillas, tuna, lemon, fresh dill and 1 slice of swiss cheese. *no mayo

I’m off to get my bike in working order for this week…  and enjoy the last bit of sunshine today.

(sorry for the bad quality pic, but, I looked really good that day)



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2 responses to “sunny sundays

  • Ambina

    Yes, salads, although usually more nutritional despite the calories, can be deceptive!! When you told me about the 1100 cals in the CHICKEN CEASAR SALAD from EARLS (heehee), I felt literally violated! No more Earls, ever! 😉

  • Lisa

    I too got out and enjoyed the sunshine – wasn’t it lovely in Vancouver? Looking forward to many more of these sunny weekends.

    BTW – 13K is ridiculous! Good job!

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