struggles so far

I’ve been thinking about individual hurdles and personal weightloss struggles and strategies for a few weeks. Some people  focus more on food management,  some go hard on fitness, some find the perfect balance of both. Some people prefer to workout inside at the gym others like outdoors. Some like classes, others in the comfort of their home, and some, just can’t work out at all due to different injuries or chronic illness. etc. etc. etc ETC. Everybody is different and needs to find what works for them in the life that they current live.

So…. what’s my style? What are my struggles and what do I do about them?

First of all, I have asthma. This is a chronic condition that requires medication to regulate. It wasn’t until I accepted that this condition will always be a part of my life and made it a priority to manage properly that I was able to even start changing the rest of my life.  Finding the right medication has changed everything.  My lungs feel like they are functioning properly and actually taking in oxygen, allowing me to do all the activities I love.  Thank you science, thank you doctors.

Another chronic condition is my elbow. The doctor called it Ligamitis. (similar to tendonitis but “itis” of the ligament).The story goes like this… Last summer I was getting very good at cycling to and from work and one particular morning, as I  came down the hill and pulled into the parking lot, I ALMOST got hit by a purolator truck. He was pulling out too fast while I was swerving in so my natural reaction was to slam on my brakes which sent me  straight to the pavement, landing on my side with most of the pressure on my arm. The X-Rays were clear and that was the extent of the hospital visit.  The recovery has been very slow and may never be 100% again. Doctors instructions are as follows: “if it hurts, don’t do it. Take it easy. No repetitive movements, no lifting heavy items” . This injury requires me to modify EVERYTHING I do.  I had to stop going to the gym, I can’t do boot camp or dance classes that I used to enjoy. I can’t even carry heavy groceries home. But, I can jog and jogging I will do. The more I do, the easier it gets and the more I enjoy it.

CANDY!!!!! I LOVE CANDY!!! I love it. I’m really not into baked goods or chocolates or fancy desserts but, flash some bright coloured jubjubs in my face and I go crazy. I used to carry candy with me everywhere, everyday. I don’t remember a day where I didn’t have candy of some sort until I decided to change everything in Feb. I knew that this was going to be a huge issue for me and needed a replacement that wouldn’t leave me feeling even more desperate in the end.  This is what helps me get through. Fruit and Veggie bars.  It’s like candy but.. it’s all fruit. I have one when and if any craving pops up, usually around 2-3 pm in the afternoon. I may change this habit in the future but until I am no longer having an obsessive compulsion towards candy, this will get me through. Also, when I’m at a grocery store and that nasty instinctive  craving to buy candy comes up, I go and buy a fun new magazine. Not only do I feel like I’m getting myself a little something special, it also distracts me from thinking about the craving.


The rest of the struggles have more to do with better planning and meal preparation instead of eating out. It was as  simple as tracking every thing I ate every day. After I saw just how many calories were consumed in one meal at a restaurant, it was easy to X that out. I’ll post another day about my self-imposed guide lines.

These are the major issues that I jumped into the deep end with but quickly figured out how to manage each one. There’s more I could do but right now I feel amazing and look great so I must be doing something right.

Happy Monday!


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2 responses to “struggles so far

  • Lisa

    Love your attitude. IF you’re a candy lover – you should try “Squiggles” by sun rype – they are super yummy and my new fav snack – only 1 point each too. So yummy!

  • Ambina

    Yay you for figuring all of this stuff out and finding such a great balance. Self acceptance and knowing your personal limitations is very important in this process. You’re doing great!

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