I forgot the whole point- back to the main focus

I’ve been racking up the fitness points like crazy this month.  I’m so proud of all of my efforts and how much I have accomplished.

Last night, after visiting a friend and getting home at 9pm, I STILL went out for a 5k jog. And this morning, I dragged my sleepy self out of bed at 5:45am to meet another friend for a morning jog before work. Tonight I will be going to Aquafit and perhaps get in another jog or bike ride when I get home. All this activity is great. I feel AMAZING. like I could probably take over the world with this much energy.

However, remember way back when (in Feb) I made my introduction about this whole weight loss thing and specifically mentioned that I need to focus on FOOD. I wrote about how I am already very good with the fitness part and my real struggle is with food. Somehow my attention got diverted to all of this activity and I lost a bit of my focus on the nutritional side. I did my shopping on the weekend, got all my veggies and snacks, but got so excite about my bike that I didn’t bother to make my super awesome salads for the week. It’s now Tuesday and those veggies are still sitting in my fridge waiting to chopped up and carefully portioned, and for the second day in a row I haven’t brought a proper lunch  to work and have been snacking on fruit and veggie bars and coffee.  I found a packet of oatmeal that will suffice but, seriously….THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE

I’m bringing my attention right back to nutrition and portion control. Tonight I will make my salads and pack lunches for the rest of the week. I’ll still keep up with all the fun fitness things I’ve been up to but make sure I schedule the time to prep and make meals at home. Update later tonight.


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