8 days and counting

Where did April go? It snuck right up behind me and stole my motivation…picked it right out of my pocket and ran away.

Here is where things get more challenging, where motivation drifts off into the sunset and leaves me with aches and pains and an appetite that seems to never subside. Since the beginning, I have made a point not to rely on this magical feeling of motivation. Motivation comes and goes through moments of inspiration and only visits on the good days. So, what do I have instead?  FOCUS. Focus brings everything I want into view. I bring it back to the simplest factors that will carry me to that next lost pound or two, the next goal.

Focus on the end result.

Focus on why

Focus on this week and what I can do today

Focus on how great it feels to be active and how fun it is

Focus on what I can do better, what needs to be tweaked

Focus, Focus, Focus.

Some times it’s about diverting my focus away from the crazy lady cravings and distracting myself with something I love…. like riding bikes, the beach, a new book, friends, a movie…. anything but snacking.

I have 8 days left in April to reach my goal and I’m focusing on making every one of these days perfect.

Day 1 – Check

I’ve even enrolled an accountability partner for the next 8 days who will help me stay on track (Thank you Jax) along with the support of my awesome and inspiring friend amber and the WW message board ladies (and gent????).

Tonight I reeled in some of that focus and put it towards making a home-made healthy dinner and FINALLY prepping a super awesome salad for tomorrow. I know 1 out of 5 days is nothing to brag about but….. at least the veggies didn’t go to waste.

SAS - April 22 - Friday's lunch

My newly discovered distraction from all things hungry:

Last night I went for a 6km jog to English bay, had a picnic for one at the beach (not in the sand), read my new book (The Host) and watched the sunset.

April 21 - 6km - English Bay

English bay

On the way:

Palm Trees…. IN CANADA. Every time I see palm trees trying to grow in Vancouver, I laugh a little bit.

April 21 - 6km - Birds hanging out

My new favourite treats

Ginger Green Tea


…. Back stock of sunrype treats (for work only. Stock is safely hidden in the back of the cupboard… enjoy responsibly)

Weigh-in tomorrow along with the regular slew of updates.


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2 responses to “8 days and counting

  • jacqueline

    That is the most important thing, FOCUS. You are so right, you won’t always feel so great and super excited about your weight loss/fitness journey, but those are the times you just gotta grit your teeth and still keep pushing through. I know you can do it! I think that this whole thing will always be a love/hate relationship, but it feels so much better to be making good life decisions overall.

    What is your book about? That is a fantastic distraction from cravings!

  • Amanda@BustingThroughIt

    I totally agree, motivation is fleeting and can only take you so far. There has to be something beyond the initial drive and inspiration. That’s so funny because I was just working on an upcoming blog post about the same topic. Great minds, right? 🙂

    Good luck at your weigh in!

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