Friday WI and recap

Plagued by a rush of separation anxiety at the thought of leaving my bike in the cold dark shop at work, I decided to brave the rain and ride home.  I learned a few things like why cyclist always wear those horribly ugly jackets, why a visor on the brim of your helmet is a good idea, why I need to get my front break replaced…better yet, the whole bike replaced. I had fun though, smeared mascara and all.

Blossom snowed street

oh.. and I forgot to mention this before. Every single day I pass by the set of Smallville. This  is the ground level, behind the fence view. From the sky train you can see right down into it.

As you can tell, I’m avoiding the big weekly review.  The same way I avoided weigh in all day. But, here it is…

-0.3 lbs

I’m not terribly disappointed because I expected something like this and knew on tuesday that I had lost some focus.

Week in review – In short

Food was dramatically difficult to manage.  It felt like my metabolism kicked into high gear and I was constantly confused about being hungry for real or if the hunger was just being a greedy monster.

3.5lbs to April goal. It’s so close. I just want to see 200. on the scale. I would be very happy with that.

Weighin Pic – 203.5  – Just for fun, I let my hair go a little crazy today to say to the world, “I really don’t care if you think I’m too fat, I’ll ride my bike if I want to”


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4 responses to “Friday WI and recap

  • Jibz

    Good Job on your loss.
    I felt the same way this week too ( the hunger thingy).
    Hopefully nest week you’ll WI at 200lbs * fingers crossed*

    P.S. U are cute!

  • Ambina

    You’re one of my biggest inspirations right now. You’re gonna get to see that number! 🙂

  • Lisa

    Oh my goodness you have such beautiful hair! Jealous!

    I was totally thinking of you on Friday on my commute home from work… I was like, “poor Toni – she’s probable biking in this rain!” (as I was sitting on the bus) – but biking through it is the kind of attitude you need to get to your goal!.

    Excellent blog post! We CAN shed these pounds by the end of April! w00t!

  • Bob

    You’re hot stuff. Congratulations on your health plan, too.

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