Another Sunday – salads and spaghetti sauce… and a snack

(weight at the moment – 202.0 lbs)

It’s Sunday!  The day I do all my shopping and chopping and prepping and packing.

I took a day off from fitness to ensure that a repeat of last week doesn’t happen.  I feel relieved that everything is prepped and ready to go for the week and is now off my mind.

I have a very clear goal this week, to reach 200 lbs, and as you can see, I am so SO close. All of this meal prep is one of the main keys to my success so far and will get me to WI on Friday.

So…Off to the grocery store I went.

…even stayed on budget. $35.00 for all of this bright and delicious food

Everything I need for:

A) Super Awesome Salads

B) Pasta Dinners

C) NEW RECIPE – Cauliflower Poppers –  Zero points

Plus some extra items I like to keep around.

Exhibit A) – Check

PS – that is grated carrot on top, not cheese.

B) Spaghetti  sauce

Step 1 – Chop everything up

Step 2 – Cook

Step 3 – Add  Sauce -(I always look for the most natural pasta sauce available with the lowest calorie/fat possible)

Let simmer on low for as long as you like.  Cool, portion and refrigerate or freeze. I portion 1 cup per serving – makes 5 servings.

And now… my new snack.  It’s been my goal since the beginning of April to try 1 new recipe each week and each week I’ve failed to follow through. I am extra excited to share this recipe I found on the Weight Watcher’s website and even went ahead and tried it.

C) Cauliflower Poppers – Zero Points

Break cauliflower into bite size pieces

Add seasoning – I replaced the recipe spices with what I had in the cupboard

cayenne, ground pepper, dash of seasoning salt. Place on cooking sheet.

Cook for 10min at 400

Portion – 1/2 cup per serving. I had 1 full cup for zero points


Happy Sunday!! Hope you have the happiest and healthiest week.


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2 responses to “Another Sunday – salads and spaghetti sauce… and a snack

  • Lisa

    Cute new blog layout.

    So much veggies! You look prepared and ready to take on the week! I can’t wait to read your blog post when you’ve reached your 200 pound goal at the end of April!

  • stackofpennies

    Thanks… I couldn’t resist this blue. it’s my absolute favourite colour. that sort of grey-blue. still getting used to the rest of it but glad you like.

    So can’t wait for WI on Friday.

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