happy friday – WI results

Weigh in Results

-4.1 lbs

Current weight 199.4

Officially out of the two hundreds and now, onto the next goal 180’s.

A week ago I realized that my sunday meal preps are extremely important to see the results I want.  I finally had a perfect week even with a busy schedule thanks to my sunday preps and keeping healthy snacks around at all times. My work days look like this:

I’m super tired tonight so I’ll throw together some thoughts and call it a night

Things I did in april

  • Lost 10lbs
  • Jogged 51kms – total
  • five 5km jogs, one 10km, a bunch of small 2-4kms
  • 4 hikes
  • 2  15km bike rides
  • 3 15km epic long walks
  • ate mostly home-made meals
  • tried a recipe
  • changed my hair
  • bought new dress pants and a skirt for spring

So what does 199.4lbs look like on me?

And… the hair. but seriously, do I look 27?

Sianara April, Bonjour May.


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6 responses to “happy friday – WI results

  • lisa

    Looking very good Toni! Wow! Congrats on entering onederland!

    Again, I am VERY jealous of your beautiful hair (and blue eyes). *Stunning*

    I don’t know if I could eat all home-cooked meals – as someone who is a horrible cook (and hates cooking) it would be a form of punishment to make myself eat stuff that I make – not to mention the torture I would put my boyfriend though (he would probably leave me).

    Looking forward to reading your “entering the 180’s” blog posts!

  • stackofpennies

    thanks lisa

    just a note on the cooking. I really suck at cooking. my idea of cooking is very very basic but because I am the only one who ever has to eat my food, simple works. I totally get the not cooking part but I really think that the more whole, natural, un preserved foods we eat, the healthier our bodies are so I am trying to learn.

    Thanks for the compliment.. I am often very insecure about my “looks”: (not just weight related) I really appreciate your encouragement.

    yay onederland.

  • Ambina

    MMMmmmmm. Your lunches look so yummmy. And so do you, hot stuff! (although you kind of have a crazy face in that last picture). 😉


  • lifeistooshortforlowfatcheese

    Hey Amber’s friend 🙂

    I like your blog – do you mind if I put a link to it on my blogroll?


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