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Beautiful Blogger award and today’s ramblings.

A few days ago I received a Beautiful Blogger award from fellow WW blogeteer Lisa at

When one receives such a great honour, a mention of 7 unknown truths are to be told. Alas, Silent Reader, wait no longer.

1) My real  name is Antoinette
2) I have naturally REALLY curly, REALLY fro hair.
3) I have not lived with cable TV for nearly a decade. I do watch shows that are available on-line or DVDs (currently finishing weeds)
4) I do not drive. ever, anywhere. I prefer walking,jogging, biking, or transit, unless the journey goes further than a bus will reach (like camping)
5) I just got my hair done last week. Here’s the long anticipated reveal

🙂 sorry to disappoint. It doesn’t look all that different in this picture but, it really is, I promise.   You’ll notice the dark underpart which is much more noticeable when I go curly . I will post some better pics this week.

6) My favorite colours are grayish blue, purple, and Black.
7) I can not resist a guy in a hoody. seriously, I think there is nothing sexier.

I Pass this award onto the people who have inspired me to reach my goals so far and helped keep me motivated and accountable along the way.

1) Amber
2) Deb
3) chantel
4) Lisa (Can I re-gift here?)
5) Amanda
6) Jibz
7) Life is Too Short for Low-fat Cheese

And, of course Amie 🙂


WI results and review

okay, so, OHMYGOSH, life this week has been crazy.  There are 3 main contributors over crowding my life and making me lose my mind this week; Packing to move my apartment, planning my trip to europe, and work.


I had to cut out nearly all of my scheduled fitness and jogging in order to get my packing done before the end of the month. I discovered that packing is painfully depressing. Going through each item one by one, trying to decide if it may or may not be useful to you sometime in the future. Painful because it’s tedious and boring. Depressing because much of my stuff came from a life I lived with my now ex-boyfriend.  However, I managed to get through it and happy to say that I am 90% finished. The rest can wait until I get back from Europe.


Did somebody say Europe?  It’s true. In one week from right now, I will be on my way to a land of happiness and beer.  I threw together, what I thought would be, the perfect itinerary of places to see and things to do. BUT,  after going over it with my travel partner I realized that I need to do the opposite of what I do in my real life which is, as my super awesome and inspiring friend Amber recently said via text ” you are a PAA LAN NNNNER” .  So, the big plan? pack really good walking/hiking shoes and lots of euros.  The places I know I will see are Prague (Czech) and Croatia. I am in love with Croatia and can’t wait to see it with my own eyes. The rest is with the wind, going where the day leads us and enjoying every minute of it.


Work. I don’t like to talk about work outside of work because I’m at work ALL THE TIME. Even when I’m not there, I am thinking about it. I’ve mentioned what I do but let me explain further. I am The Rental Goddess of the Entertainment Industry in Vancouver (and surrounding area). It’s true.  What does a Rental Goddess do?  I tell people what they need and when to take what and put it where.  I usually work from scribbled notes left over from a frantic event designer’s phone call, or, if I’m lucky, actual design drawing.  My natural inclination to plan and organize (people more so than things) come in handy, but, to be the best you need to know one very helpful rule of thumb: Nothing ever goes as planned.   Even the best possible laid out plan (that you slaved over for weeks) is bound to change at any given moment of any day. This is where pure acumen comes in and saves the day.   My boss’s favourite line is “Make it Work” which he has printed out on blaring white paper, taped it to the wall and enjoys pointing at when ever possible.

So, why is work taking up so much space in my life? I have never gone on vacation. Ever.  But, after slaving away for 6 months for the Winter Olympics and leaving my boyfriend of 5 years, I just needed something to look forward to. Something to work towards and be excited about.  I made my plans for June because that’s when my job starts to slow down and I would feel comfortable leaving it in the hands of a well-trained helper. But, for some reason, the entire city has decided to have events while I’m gone. June is fully booked with more requests coming in every day.  I have been working 10-12 hour days so the projects for June are prepped and ready, and clearly labelled with colour coded sticky notes.  This could possibly be the worst imaginable time to take off to never-never land.  The added chaos to all of this is that I move to the new apartment 3 days after I get back from vacation.  The trip was already planned when a dream apartment opened up and it was one of those now-or-never type deals. I chose to make my life doubly difficult by going for it.


What does any of this have to do with weight loss? EVERYTHING.  I mentioned previously that this week would be the first real test to see how I do with living healthy and reaching my weight loss goals without the security of routine.  I didn’t have time to weigh myself every day, I didn’t jog every day, I skipped every single aquafit class, I forgot my lunch more than once, but through it all, I kept my weekly goal on my mind and followed my personal healthy rules, tracked everything on my weight watcher’s tracker. And the results….

-3 lbs

I weighed in this week at 190.4lbs .

I REACHED MY MAY GOAL!  not only did I reach my May goal but also my original goal of losing 30lbs in 3 months. I am more proud of myself than any one else could ever be because I made it here on my own.

My goal for next weigh in, last day before I leave for Europe, is to be in the 180’s. I am so ready to be out of the 190’s.

I have no camera at the moment but will update with photos soon. I have much much more to say before I head off into the sunset next week and much on my mind regarding weight-loss and life.

Next time.

Belated WI results

This was the first week I had to put all the healthy habits I’ve been practicing into use. For the last 3 months I set my life up in a way that would make changing my life as easy as possible. I got into a routine that allowed for balance between strict fitness and meal plans, and the rest of life. This is easy for me because, if I’m perfectly honest with you, my life IS easy. I’m single, I have a steady job, don’t have children, I don’t own a house, I don’t even have a plant to take care of.  But this week took all of the easy and threw it out with my regular routine.  I still managed to lose. 🙂

Results: -1.6
Current weight: 193.4

I’ll be honest. This week I had a piece of pizza for lunch everyday. I ate an entire Thai curry take out in one sitting (something I would normally share with someone else) and ate candy more than once. BUT, at home in the evenings I had a 1point salad for dinner.

The last activity I did was the hike on Sunday but the rest of the week I made the extra effort to move more.
I walked a little faster to get everywhere,  got off my butt at work and did the stairs once every hour or offered to run things up or down, lifted a lot of heavy boxes while packing at home. This is reality, life gets busy and stressful but I can still do my best, and I can still lose weight through it all.

Summer salad

In the midst of the craziness that is my schedule this month, I still made time to make an old favourite salad of mine for dinner tonight. I’ve been making it for years, ever since I lived in Mexico (long story) and fell in love with all the flavours of the fresh ingredients. I call it Summer Salad, aka cut up vegetables in a bowl.

tomato (I prefer a vine tomato)
red pepper (any colour will do)

Chop chop chop.

Fresh Cilantro
Fresh lime juice
1 tbs of olive oil
sprinkle of salt to bring out the flavour


I had surgery on a “freckle” (nicer name for ugly mole) this afternoon and it hurts like a mother now. It’s right on my neck and I imagine that this MUST be what a vampire bite feels like.

Tomorrow I’m getting my hair did. Will post some beauty shots tomorrow night.

I have no idea what I weigh at the moment but I’m hoping for at least a “stay the same” kind of week. It’s been 3 days since I did anything active other than walk like a mad woman on a mission around town and lift a lot of things off shelves, into boxes, and then lift the boxes into a closet. Does that count? Either way, I’m starting to realize just how much fitness makes me feel good because with out it, I feel lazy and sluggish and gross and grumpy. I hate to say it but this stupid freckle surgery hurts so much, it may be another 3 or 4 days until I try to do anything.

So, I remind myself to pay extra close attention to meals. Hence the salad.

Doing the Chief

I did the Chief today.

It was a great challenge. Like climbing stairs for 1.5 hours that are made for giants but with the pure feeling of accomplishment when you get to the top and see the view.

To be perfectly honest, I totally rocked it. I was hot and sweaty and took a few breathers after a run of steep stair climbing but throughout the hike I felt stronger, fitter, healthier than ever before.  I never thought about calling it quits and turning back because I knew my body was strong enough and capable to get to the top. A feeling I’m not sure I have ever had in such a challenging position.  This hike is really fun, aside from all the steep stairs, because of the little surprises along the way like ladders, climbing up chains, a mini ladder big enough for one foot to squeeze in, waterfalls, view points and, of course, the top.

(I love my ass in this picture)

That’s me, way up there, almost at the top. (easiest part of the hike)

I was so proud of my new friend Lindsay too. We met on the Weight Watcher’s message boards and started a little “Vancouver Hiking Girls”  group.

My favourite part was the way down, not because it was soon to be over, but, because every few minutes I would think “WOW, I DID THIS!”

here’s a couple more pics.

This week’s goals:

Fitness will have to step down from its place as first priority and let packing, for both moving and for my trip to europe, come first.

My goals this week focus more on meals while I keep my extra busy schedule.

Eat Salad, fresh fruit and veggies, when ever possible. (lasagna last week was a bad bad bad idea. Even though I stayed on plan and lost weight, I felt sluggish and weighed down by all the extra carbs and fat from cheese and cream sauce. lesson learned)

Water water water

Aquafit – Tuesday and Thursday.

Stay on plan – Even at Amber’s birthday.

*This is the perfect week to utilize all of the good habits I’ve been practicing since Feb.. Doing the Chief today showed me just how capable I am. I’m not struggling to make good choices or be healthy, it’s who I am now. 🙂

Friday – WI Results

I have more to say about this week later but here’s a quicky on my WI results

-3 lbs

Do you know what that means? That means I reached my “before amber’s birthday party on the 21st” goal.  I am now 195lbs.It also means that I have lost a total of 25lbs .

I have to head out for another 10 hours work day but I will be back later for the rest of WI day recap.  Snapped this pic a few minutes ago.  (meaning sorry for the shit quality).

Monday’s NSV and weekly goals

NSV in Weight watcher lingo means Non-scale victory. It’s basically another way to brag about how awesome you are because of something you accomplished. Today I had 3.

First of all, I just got in from a 7km jog. I planned to take the day off considering my lobster legs, and pants, and sun.. not a good idea. But, I had so much energy tonight and needed to do something so I waited until the sun was starting to go down to do a jog. I love jogs like this, when I have no schedule to keep, energy is high and I feel well rested, no set plan on where to go or how long.  Just me and my ipod exploring East Van-

NSV #2 – I rid the cupboards of all unhealthy foods. Regular pasta and white rice, sugary cereals and old crackers. Most of the items were left from previous roommates and I just never got around to using them. I packed away items I can use in the new apartment (mostly spices) but the rest was either donated or tossed.

Here’s a before and after

NSV #3 – While cleaning the cupboards I found a bran muffin mix I bought months ago and never used.  TA-DA !!! Raspberry bran muffins (5.5 pts each). I’ll call it breakfast. Breakfast is the hardest meal for me to fit in to my day and was one of my goals for May. I’m very proud that I made the effort to make something ahead of time. I even had one for dinner and they taste great. I wish I could claim bragging rights for making them from scratch but next time I will use a real recipe. (vegan if possible)


This week I am focusing on grab and go meals because every meal will be consumed either at work or on my way to work or on my way to aquafit.

Breakfast – Raspberry bran muffin (5.5 pts), Coffee (2pts)

Lunch – Vegetarian lasagna (5pts)

Snacks – Fruit bar (2 pts), Baby carrots, apple, asian pear (1 pt)

Dinner – Vegetarian Lasagna or other? (5 pts)

Snack (before aquafit) Banana (2pts)


apx. 22.5 points . that leaves me 2.5 points for a little something extra.

Current Weight – 197.5

Next goal 195 by May 21th – Amber’s birthday party.

189.9 lbs by June 5th – Leave for Europe trip.

Think I can do it?

Sunday’s sunburn

Status update – Sun burned like a mofo

As per my previous post, I’ve been spending most of my time around other people. I’m around people at work, at home, meeting regular friends for fitness or meeting new friends for activity. My alone time is sparse.

I’m thrilled that my friends are involved in weight loss and fitness as much as I am these days. It’s really brought us all together. I do regular jogs and hikes with Amber and meet Jax for aquafit 2 or 3 times a week.  I’ve also met some new friends from the weight watchers message boards (hey Lindsay and Jules) that are trying to meet for hikes or walks every week.  It’s a little community of people who simply get it. They get why you hesitate for a minute when people start talking about going for lunch, they get why you skipped the party last night and want to meet for a jog this morning instead. They celebrate and encourage every step of the way and no one is short of good ideas or information that make life a little bit healthier.

But, here’s the thing people, I’m kind of a loner. I do like people and I’m very friendly and even a nice person but I feel like I get lost when I don’t get enough time alone. I need time by myself. When I started in Feb. I did everything by myself. Every night was time alone on jogs and it was me against the bulge but then everything changed so quickly and somehow I started to feel overwhelmed by all these new people plus trying to fit in my (really super and awesome) friends (that I love so much).

So, this morning I set out on a solo bike ride adventure to 3rd beach in Stanley Park. It’s the furthest away beach and doesn’t get as crowded as English bay and less children than 2nd. A great place to hide away from everyone and leave the city behind for a while.

UM- WRONG! Today was the Vancouver Sun Run. I spent the entire bike ride going head first into a marathon.

No kidding. All the way there.

I finally made it to third beach with my little picnic for one and my book.

my bike – all by its lonesome.

When I arrived around 8:30 or so, there were only 2 other people on the beach with the same idea. It felt nice to be within proximity of other people without actually having to talk to them.  Ignoring everything else going on around me, I read my book and nibbled on fresh fruit. It felt like 3 hours had passed but in reality, I had been laying there for nearly 6 hours. When I finally looked around, I realized the beach filled up and the seawall was crowded and I was sunburned like a lobster.  Yes, I put on sun screen… the good kind. But, I am the fairest of all the fair-skinned people I know. It seems like I need a full-on sun shield to protect me on days like this.  I also don’t get the ” now it will fade to a nice tan” part. My skin will not hold a tan. The only colour I get in the summer is cherry red and pale.

So much for Hot Yoga tonight. There is no way I’ll be able to wear pants for at least 2 days.

sun burned legs – It looks like some horrible rash.

I finally did weigh in today. I’ve been too busy to be obsessed this week.

198 – this is the magical number that means I’ve lost 10%. I just lost 10% of myself.


Not horrible but not great either. I know I can do better. I’m already doing better, minus the sun stroke.

Update and weekly goals tomorrow.

Hope everyone enjoyed the sun shine today.

Let the stress begin

This week has been BUSY. Busy busy busy.  When I’m not busy doing 10 hours at work or outside doing something active, I’m at home busy packing.  Of all the places, home is the most stressful place to be. I’m surrounded by all this junk that needs to be sorted and packed or donated or thrown out but I’m trying to work around 4 other people who are all trying to USE the things I’m getting rid of.  Just a bit of back story for you. I have a roommate from England staying in one bedroom and another stray roommate sleeping on the couch, from Sweden that I picked up when she had nowhere to go and was meant to be 2 weeks. 2 weeks turned into 2 months. They both decided that this would be best time to have company come and stay. Normally, not an issue for me. Bring the family, invite the friends, we’ll call it a party but not this month.  not right now. any time but right now.

I would never put this out there to have a pity party for myself, instead, I’m acknowledging the challenge and planning my strategy to work around it.

Here is what I’ve come up with so far:

Fridge is full of food that is not mine and no room for groceries – make a big batch of something that can be FROZEN instead and stick to fresh, whole food (nothing like fresh berries)

Feels like there is no time to get anything done – stick to the schedule. Make a check list.

Too many people – be honest with them and let them know when I’ll be at home to pack, when I need to shower, and when to be quiet

No time alone – spend some time alone

Crazy May Days

It’s 3 days into May and only the beginning of a busy month.

I’ve been keeping a little tidbit of information hidden away because I wanted to focus on nutrition and fitness until I felt comfortable with my routine and abilities.  But, here it is…

In 32 days I will be on a plane heading to europe. My first ever real vacation.  3 week s of my life will be spent with a big ass back pack trekking around eastern european countries. I have no specific agenda except for my flight to get there and back but I am most excited to see Prague and Croatia. When I was looking for places to go and found a picture of Croatia I KNEW that was the place.

“Devil’s Garden” – Croatia

I would also like to see some caves in Czech then head to Slovakia, Hungary, then over to Croatia. If there is time and money, I’ll try to see Italy on my way back to Frankfurt to catch my plane home.  If not Italy then perhaps Slovania.

There’s a long story about my travel companion but here’s the short version just for you.

Dated guy from New Zealand when I was 21. Really liked each other but he had to go home. Lost contact. 5-6 years later I get email from him out of the blue in November 2009. Email and chat almost everyday. I start to plan a solo vacation in Dec/Jan. On Feb 12th I ended a 5 year relationship with boyfriend at the time (not the NZ guy, a different guy here in Vancouver that I met just after NZ guy left). After telling New Zealand friend about my travel plans he tells me that he’ll be in Europe around the same time (after his tour in Africa and before he goes to the middle east) and says he’ll come meet me in Prague and travel with me for 3 weeks.  NOTE: NZ guy is super fit and healthy and kind of intimidating that way but nice enough (to me anyways). I’m excited to see him but really nervous.

Back to the topic, my May….

3 days after returning from vacation I’m MOVING. That’s right. 3 DAYS!!!! July 1st.  I have 4 weekends left in May to get everything sorted and packed before I leave.

Schedule Change:

I arranged with my boss to have Monday’s off and work 10 hour days Tuesday to Friday. It’s a total disruption to my happy, comfortable, easy, manageable life but needs to be done. When do I eat? when do I jog? how do I challenge myself? how will I lose 10lbs this month? *Shrug* well, I just have to try. That’s all. just TRY.

My weight loss goal is still my frist priority, but so is my trip and so is getting ready to move.

May Goals:

Lose 10lbs
Jog 55km (total)
1- 10kmjog
Clean Closet  – CHECK
Ride Bike home from work (15km) on Wed. And Fridays (8)
Aquafit – Tuesdays and Thursdays (8)
Hike – at least once each weekend(4)

REWARD – NEW bathing suit or dress for trip.

something totally un related – a song I can’t get enough of for no particular reason other than it sounds pretty.

And – Only on commercial Drive – Spontaneous protest parades – May 1st.