Crazy May Days

It’s 3 days into May and only the beginning of a busy month.

I’ve been keeping a little tidbit of information hidden away because I wanted to focus on nutrition and fitness until I felt comfortable with my routine and abilities.  But, here it is…

In 32 days I will be on a plane heading to europe. My first ever real vacation.  3 week s of my life will be spent with a big ass back pack trekking around eastern european countries. I have no specific agenda except for my flight to get there and back but I am most excited to see Prague and Croatia. When I was looking for places to go and found a picture of Croatia I KNEW that was the place.

“Devil’s Garden” – Croatia

I would also like to see some caves in Czech then head to Slovakia, Hungary, then over to Croatia. If there is time and money, I’ll try to see Italy on my way back to Frankfurt to catch my plane home.  If not Italy then perhaps Slovania.

There’s a long story about my travel companion but here’s the short version just for you.

Dated guy from New Zealand when I was 21. Really liked each other but he had to go home. Lost contact. 5-6 years later I get email from him out of the blue in November 2009. Email and chat almost everyday. I start to plan a solo vacation in Dec/Jan. On Feb 12th I ended a 5 year relationship with boyfriend at the time (not the NZ guy, a different guy here in Vancouver that I met just after NZ guy left). After telling New Zealand friend about my travel plans he tells me that he’ll be in Europe around the same time (after his tour in Africa and before he goes to the middle east) and says he’ll come meet me in Prague and travel with me for 3 weeks.  NOTE: NZ guy is super fit and healthy and kind of intimidating that way but nice enough (to me anyways). I’m excited to see him but really nervous.

Back to the topic, my May….

3 days after returning from vacation I’m MOVING. That’s right. 3 DAYS!!!! July 1st.  I have 4 weekends left in May to get everything sorted and packed before I leave.

Schedule Change:

I arranged with my boss to have Monday’s off and work 10 hour days Tuesday to Friday. It’s a total disruption to my happy, comfortable, easy, manageable life but needs to be done. When do I eat? when do I jog? how do I challenge myself? how will I lose 10lbs this month? *Shrug* well, I just have to try. That’s all. just TRY.

My weight loss goal is still my frist priority, but so is my trip and so is getting ready to move.

May Goals:

Lose 10lbs
Jog 55km (total)
1- 10kmjog
Clean Closet  – CHECK
Ride Bike home from work (15km) on Wed. And Fridays (8)
Aquafit – Tuesdays and Thursdays (8)
Hike – at least once each weekend(4)

REWARD – NEW bathing suit or dress for trip.

something totally un related – a song I can’t get enough of for no particular reason other than it sounds pretty.

And – Only on commercial Drive – Spontaneous protest parades – May 1st.


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