Let the stress begin

This week has been BUSY. Busy busy busy.  When I’m not busy doing 10 hours at work or outside doing something active, I’m at home busy packing.  Of all the places, home is the most stressful place to be. I’m surrounded by all this junk that needs to be sorted and packed or donated or thrown out but I’m trying to work around 4 other people who are all trying to USE the things I’m getting rid of.  Just a bit of back story for you. I have a roommate from England staying in one bedroom and another stray roommate sleeping on the couch, from Sweden that I picked up when she had nowhere to go and was meant to be 2 weeks. 2 weeks turned into 2 months. They both decided that this would be best time to have company come and stay. Normally, not an issue for me. Bring the family, invite the friends, we’ll call it a party but not this month.  not right now. any time but right now.

I would never put this out there to have a pity party for myself, instead, I’m acknowledging the challenge and planning my strategy to work around it.

Here is what I’ve come up with so far:

Fridge is full of food that is not mine and no room for groceries – make a big batch of something that can be FROZEN instead and stick to fresh, whole food (nothing like fresh berries)

Feels like there is no time to get anything done – stick to the schedule. Make a check list.

Too many people – be honest with them and let them know when I’ll be at home to pack, when I need to shower, and when to be quiet

No time alone – spend some time alone


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