Monday’s NSV and weekly goals

NSV in Weight watcher lingo means Non-scale victory. It’s basically another way to brag about how awesome you are because of something you accomplished. Today I had 3.

First of all, I just got in from a 7km jog. I planned to take the day off considering my lobster legs, and pants, and sun.. not a good idea. But, I had so much energy tonight and needed to do something so I waited until the sun was starting to go down to do a jog. I love jogs like this, when I have no schedule to keep, energy is high and I feel well rested, no set plan on where to go or how long.  Just me and my ipod exploring East Van-

NSV #2 – I rid the cupboards of all unhealthy foods. Regular pasta and white rice, sugary cereals and old crackers. Most of the items were left from previous roommates and I just never got around to using them. I packed away items I can use in the new apartment (mostly spices) but the rest was either donated or tossed.

Here’s a before and after

NSV #3 – While cleaning the cupboards I found a bran muffin mix I bought months ago and never used.  TA-DA !!! Raspberry bran muffins (5.5 pts each). I’ll call it breakfast. Breakfast is the hardest meal for me to fit in to my day and was one of my goals for May. I’m very proud that I made the effort to make something ahead of time. I even had one for dinner and they taste great. I wish I could claim bragging rights for making them from scratch but next time I will use a real recipe. (vegan if possible)


This week I am focusing on grab and go meals because every meal will be consumed either at work or on my way to work or on my way to aquafit.

Breakfast – Raspberry bran muffin (5.5 pts), Coffee (2pts)

Lunch – Vegetarian lasagna (5pts)

Snacks – Fruit bar (2 pts), Baby carrots, apple, asian pear (1 pt)

Dinner – Vegetarian Lasagna or other? (5 pts)

Snack (before aquafit) Banana (2pts)


apx. 22.5 points . that leaves me 2.5 points for a little something extra.

Current Weight – 197.5

Next goal 195 by May 21th – Amber’s birthday party.

189.9 lbs by June 5th – Leave for Europe trip.

Think I can do it?


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3 responses to “Monday’s NSV and weekly goals

  • Lisa

    OF COURSE YOU CAN DO IT! You are on fire Toni! Congrats on the NSV’s – you are totally rocking it! I’m catching up to you quickly (broke out of the 200’s on the last weigh in).

    You have so much motivation – with your trip and NZ boy! You can totally do this.

  • Shari

    Hey Toni!
    I just wanted to say that I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog! You’re definitely an inspiration! This is week 3 for me on weight watchers, and I’m finding your blog motivating! So thanks!!
    I think you’ll definitely make your goal before you to Europe! (which by the way, I’m totally jealous of!!)

  • Ambina

    I KNOW you can do it. xoxox

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