Doing the Chief

I did the Chief today.

It was a great challenge. Like climbing stairs for 1.5 hours that are made for giants but with the pure feeling of accomplishment when you get to the top and see the view.

To be perfectly honest, I totally rocked it. I was hot and sweaty and took a few breathers after a run of steep stair climbing but throughout the hike I felt stronger, fitter, healthier than ever before.  I never thought about calling it quits and turning back because I knew my body was strong enough and capable to get to the top. A feeling I’m not sure I have ever had in such a challenging position.  This hike is really fun, aside from all the steep stairs, because of the little surprises along the way like ladders, climbing up chains, a mini ladder big enough for one foot to squeeze in, waterfalls, view points and, of course, the top.

(I love my ass in this picture)

That’s me, way up there, almost at the top. (easiest part of the hike)

I was so proud of my new friend Lindsay too. We met on the Weight Watcher’s message boards and started a little “Vancouver Hiking Girls”  group.

My favourite part was the way down, not because it was soon to be over, but, because every few minutes I would think “WOW, I DID THIS!”

here’s a couple more pics.

This week’s goals:

Fitness will have to step down from its place as first priority and let packing, for both moving and for my trip to europe, come first.

My goals this week focus more on meals while I keep my extra busy schedule.

Eat Salad, fresh fruit and veggies, when ever possible. (lasagna last week was a bad bad bad idea. Even though I stayed on plan and lost weight, I felt sluggish and weighed down by all the extra carbs and fat from cheese and cream sauce. lesson learned)

Water water water

Aquafit – Tuesday and Thursday.

Stay on plan – Even at Amber’s birthday.

*This is the perfect week to utilize all of the good habits I’ve been practicing since Feb.. Doing the Chief today showed me just how capable I am. I’m not struggling to make good choices or be healthy, it’s who I am now. 🙂


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