WI results and review

okay, so, OHMYGOSH, life this week has been crazy.  There are 3 main contributors over crowding my life and making me lose my mind this week; Packing to move my apartment, planning my trip to europe, and work.


I had to cut out nearly all of my scheduled fitness and jogging in order to get my packing done before the end of the month. I discovered that packing is painfully depressing. Going through each item one by one, trying to decide if it may or may not be useful to you sometime in the future. Painful because it’s tedious and boring. Depressing because much of my stuff came from a life I lived with my now ex-boyfriend.  However, I managed to get through it and happy to say that I am 90% finished. The rest can wait until I get back from Europe.


Did somebody say Europe?  It’s true. In one week from right now, I will be on my way to a land of happiness and beer.  I threw together, what I thought would be, the perfect itinerary of places to see and things to do. BUT,  after going over it with my travel partner I realized that I need to do the opposite of what I do in my real life which is, as my super awesome and inspiring friend Amber recently said via text ” you are a PAA LAN NNNNER” .  So, the big plan? pack really good walking/hiking shoes and lots of euros.  The places I know I will see are Prague (Czech) and Croatia. I am in love with Croatia and can’t wait to see it with my own eyes. The rest is with the wind, going where the day leads us and enjoying every minute of it.


Work. I don’t like to talk about work outside of work because I’m at work ALL THE TIME. Even when I’m not there, I am thinking about it. I’ve mentioned what I do but let me explain further. I am The Rental Goddess of the Entertainment Industry in Vancouver (and surrounding area). It’s true.  What does a Rental Goddess do?  I tell people what they need and when to take what and put it where.  I usually work from scribbled notes left over from a frantic event designer’s phone call, or, if I’m lucky, actual design drawing.  My natural inclination to plan and organize (people more so than things) come in handy, but, to be the best you need to know one very helpful rule of thumb: Nothing ever goes as planned.   Even the best possible laid out plan (that you slaved over for weeks) is bound to change at any given moment of any day. This is where pure acumen comes in and saves the day.   My boss’s favourite line is “Make it Work” which he has printed out on blaring white paper, taped it to the wall and enjoys pointing at when ever possible.

So, why is work taking up so much space in my life? I have never gone on vacation. Ever.  But, after slaving away for 6 months for the Winter Olympics and leaving my boyfriend of 5 years, I just needed something to look forward to. Something to work towards and be excited about.  I made my plans for June because that’s when my job starts to slow down and I would feel comfortable leaving it in the hands of a well-trained helper. But, for some reason, the entire city has decided to have events while I’m gone. June is fully booked with more requests coming in every day.  I have been working 10-12 hour days so the projects for June are prepped and ready, and clearly labelled with colour coded sticky notes.  This could possibly be the worst imaginable time to take off to never-never land.  The added chaos to all of this is that I move to the new apartment 3 days after I get back from vacation.  The trip was already planned when a dream apartment opened up and it was one of those now-or-never type deals. I chose to make my life doubly difficult by going for it.


What does any of this have to do with weight loss? EVERYTHING.  I mentioned previously that this week would be the first real test to see how I do with living healthy and reaching my weight loss goals without the security of routine.  I didn’t have time to weigh myself every day, I didn’t jog every day, I skipped every single aquafit class, I forgot my lunch more than once, but through it all, I kept my weekly goal on my mind and followed my personal healthy rules, tracked everything on my weight watcher’s tracker. And the results….

-3 lbs

I weighed in this week at 190.4lbs .

I REACHED MY MAY GOAL!  not only did I reach my May goal but also my original goal of losing 30lbs in 3 months. I am more proud of myself than any one else could ever be because I made it here on my own.

My goal for next weigh in, last day before I leave for Europe, is to be in the 180’s. I am so ready to be out of the 190’s.

I have no camera at the moment but will update with photos soon. I have much much more to say before I head off into the sunset next week and much on my mind regarding weight-loss and life.

Next time.


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2 responses to “WI results and review

  • Amanda@BustingThroughIt

    Great job Toni!
    I’m so excited for you for both your trip, your new apartment, and your amazing weight loss success 🙂

  • Alice

    Great job! It’s not easy to lose even through ‘real’ life and you did. Now hold your head up high and don’t stress about leaving work for your vacation. Work will go on without you (it always does) and will wait until you get back. Good luck with your move and have a great trip! See you for the July fitness challenge!

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