Beautiful Blogger award and today’s ramblings.

A few days ago I received a Beautiful Blogger award from fellow WW blogeteer Lisa at

When one receives such a great honour, a mention of 7 unknown truths are to be told. Alas, Silent Reader, wait no longer.

1) My real  name is Antoinette
2) I have naturally REALLY curly, REALLY fro hair.
3) I have not lived with cable TV for nearly a decade. I do watch shows that are available on-line or DVDs (currently finishing weeds)
4) I do not drive. ever, anywhere. I prefer walking,jogging, biking, or transit, unless the journey goes further than a bus will reach (like camping)
5) I just got my hair done last week. Here’s the long anticipated reveal

🙂 sorry to disappoint. It doesn’t look all that different in this picture but, it really is, I promise.   You’ll notice the dark underpart which is much more noticeable when I go curly . I will post some better pics this week.

6) My favorite colours are grayish blue, purple, and Black.
7) I can not resist a guy in a hoody. seriously, I think there is nothing sexier.

I Pass this award onto the people who have inspired me to reach my goals so far and helped keep me motivated and accountable along the way.

1) Amber
2) Deb
3) chantel
4) Lisa (Can I re-gift here?)
5) Amanda
6) Jibz
7) Life is Too Short for Low-fat Cheese

And, of course Amie 🙂


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6 responses to “Beautiful Blogger award and today’s ramblings.

  • Lisa

    BEAUTIFUL! I love the hair – you have such a pretty and SKNNY face! You are rocking this weight-loss thing toni – way to go! I am so excited for all the progress you’ve made! You must be getting so excited for your trip! Yipppies

  • Amanda@BustingThroughIt

    Your hair looks awesome! You look gorgeous 🙂
    Oh and the hoody thing totally does it for me too lol.

    PS- a heads up-the link to Amie’s blog isn’t working and gets sent to mine instead…

    Have a great week, you are doing AMAZING!

  • stackofpennies

    ( thanks for the heads up amanda.)

    Thanks for the compliments. I do love my new hair cut. It’s actually the exact same cut/colour and style that I had for years. I just feel like myself again. 😀

  • lifeistooshortforlowfatcheese

    THANK YOU for the award 🙂

    Your blog keeps me inspired. Also, your organizational skills remind me of mine – I wonder if you are an Aries?

    Btw, congratulations on reaching your goal!

  • Deb

    Thanks Toni! Love the hair! Looking forward to the hiking. Congrats on your lovely award!! 😀

  • lovesarbear

    Congrats on the award and the hair! It looks great! And thank you for your blog. I read it all the time and it’s inspiring. I think your blog was what made me start mine (or at least use wordpress instead of blogspot) Keep up the great work!

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