I found a little tiny cafe/deli on the corner behind my building appropriately named Joy’s because they brought me many bites of joy for lunch today.  This is what I have been asking the universe for since I started working in this building.  There’s not much around here in the way of food type places.  I could walk to the nearest mall with grocery strore, starbucks, subway and a few others,  but that takes me away from work for at least an hour. My options on days that lunch is forgotten or work goes late have been pizza or asking my boss to pick up some fries from Wendy’s.  It’s dreadful.  This new found Joy’s will make my life incredibly better from the point on.

Walking into Joy’s was like walking into lunch heaven, abundant in healthy options. I got

A fruit bowl

And a veg sandwich on whole wheat minus the cheese but the lunch lady went ahead and supplemented with a generous slap of mayo. (Noted for next time)

I am so perfectly on plan that I don’t think there is any more better left to try for. I’m even going to sneak in one last aquafit class tonight.  3 more days until I leave for Europe and I’m STILL trying to do my best.  Slightly impressed by myself right now.

I peeked at the scale this morning to find that I might have gained a pound…. or two. But, I’ve seen it turn around in a matter of days and  still hoping to see 180something before I leave.


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