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Girl Power!! Friday WI results


I have a very special reminder for all of us girls straight from a 3-year-old. “Girls never give up”

Her name is Jordan. She is the daughter of my best friend, sister to baby Sammy, and my niece by proxy (and a lot of love).

She is adorable and sweet and way too smart. We decided to go swimming at the outdoor swimming pool but in order to get there, we would have to walk  1.5 km. That is a lot for some adults never mind a little girl. Once we were all packed and heading out the door I prepared Jo for the journey by explaining that this might be a long walk, and that it might be difficult because there is one big hill but after that we would be at the swimming pool.  Then she said ” I won’t give up. Girls never give up! Right?” . Every few blocks she would say it again, and would assure her that she is exactly right,  we never give up.  I have never had such a good cheerleader at my side.

I am usually annoyed by forced sentiment and fluffy emotional stuff and yet, here I am giving a pep talk like an Oprah special but bear with me.  This little phrase, from a little girl, kept me going this week and helped me accomplish everything.  Girls never give up. I don’t give up… even when the hills ahead look too big and the road looks too long, because, as long as I don’t give up I  WILL get to my goal.  Every time I felt like switching from jogging to walking, or cutting the jog short and turning back early, or eating candy instead of fresh fruit, or getting takeout instead of making a healthy lunch, I reminded myself not to give up.

And it totally paid off. My weight last week was 187lbs.  I’ve been hovering for 10 weeks between 190lbs and 185lbs and haven’t been able to break this little plateau…until TODAY.

WI Results

183.8  lbs    -3.2 from last week

I am so happy.  I didn’t reach my July Goal of 10lbs but I broke my 5lbs plateau and learned what it’s going to take from this point to continue to see progress and get to my goal.

This week I jogged a total of 20km and cycled 80km, walked briskly with groceries (3 times x 3km) 9kms, and lifted weight (if we count baby sammy as weight lifted )

I totally rocked this week and on my way out of the 180s.

So, don’t give up.  🙂

Congratulations to one of my favourite Weight loss bloggers, Ms Bitchcakes, who reached her goal weight this week. How exciting.


Recent progress pic

I realized today that I haven’t posted a progress pic for almost two months, since way back in May before I went on vacation.

Ta. Da.

Excuse the crap quality, I used my phone camera. You may not notice much difference but I do. I particularly like the way my shoulders and collarbone are looking.  I am so proud of myself this summer because I’m actually wearing shorts on a regular basis. I even converted an old pair of yoga pants into running shorts (looks awesome by the way) and went jogging… GULP!!! …  in PUBLIC. That is pure bravery my friend. I have always been embarrassed about my arms, at least since I was 10, but this summer I bare arms with the best of  em’.   I will admit to having the stupidest tan lines which I got from wearing  a back pack on my bike rides and out-door adventures. It comes with the whole new lifestyle changing business.  🙂

Fat Toni


First of all, Hi Silent Reader. I’ve been almost MIA so far this summer and trying my best to keep up with semi regular posts.  My schedule has been thrown off the norm since I’ve been commuting via bike and many time end up at a beach or a friend’s house or somewhere that isn’t blog land. But trust me when I say that I am still on track with all of this weight losing business.

Today, however,  felt like a huge struggle. Every once in a while I get into a full on figurative fist fight with my old habits. Fat Toni and Future  Fit Toni battle it out until Future fit Toni  wins because she faster, fitter, healthier and stronger. (obviously)

I really felt like being lazy today, just like yesterday, and 4 days prior to that. That’s exactly how I gained way too much weight and ended up at 220lbs.  Even on my lazy days I am relatively active for an average person, running around to see friends, riding my bike on fun adventures, babysitting little kids, and carrying groceries for 10 blocks but I need that extra push. It’s not enough for me to do what I do everyday. I need to schedule in those activities that make my heart rate go up and the sweat pour.

Tonight I jogged. 7km in total.  A friend was working a late shift at her office so I jogged down town and met her for a quick coffee break.  I take this route often on my bike to get to downtown Vancouver or to the beach but I have never wandered through and really looked at how pretty the different neighborhoods are.  I seemed to pass through 3 completely different worlds, starting in East Van, cutting through China town, and over the viaduct to Yale town. I despise the yuppy yale town area but nobody can deny how pretty it is.  Going over the viaduct was interesting and almost awkward as I became so much more aware of my ass and other parts that might just be too jiggly as traffic passed by.   But, at this age and this stage in the weight loss game, there is no time to hold back because of insecurities… so, I turn up the ipod and ignore the rest of the world and enjoy the scenery.

I snapped a few photos along the way to share. Enjoy.

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fresh goodness

YUM! Need I say more?.

not so great week

Not so great week pretty much says it all. I’d love to blame it on summer…but, I don’t think anyone would believe me.  It’s seems every season could have its own excuses. There’s summer with all of the beaches and bbqs, ice cream treats and assorted iced drinks (which just might be spiked). Then comes Fall with Thanksgiving turkeys and pumpkin pies. Winter with different  Christmas party each week and treats that can put even the best weight watchers on the naughty list. Spring brings out chocolate bunnies and heart shaped candy.
So….. My point is that there is always a reason to celebrate, always another party or special dinner, and there’s always a choice. Today I chose to turn this week around and stay perfectly on plan. Picture of my turkey sandwich for lunch, dinner will be a delish salad and to top the night off with an 8-10km run.

WI – July 16

-2.2 lbs

Current Weight:  185.2 lbs

I can’t believe I weigh 185.2 lbs. It feels like that happened so quickly I didn’t realize how much could happen in just a few months.  I realized at some point today that I am half way to my goal weight. 35lbs down, 36 more pounds to go. 1 pound at a time.

I have never had a dramatic loss or gain so far, even though I keep hoping for some kind of  impressive number drop like 4 or 5 pounds in one week, my body seems to like the 2 pound range and I’m happy with that.  If you do your math properly, it adds up quickly. I’ve learned so much about how my body responds to different types of food, how much activity is needed, when to be strict and when to splurge.

I finally feel settled into the new apartment but allergies are making my lungs weak.  I attempted my first jog since I got back from vacation 2 weeks ago on Monday. It was pathetic. I could barely reach the 2km mark without stopping to catch my breath. I eventually finished the usual 5km route but walked for about half of it. It was a huge red flag of what I needed to work on this week so I tried again on Tuesday.  It went better on tuesday but still not great. Finally  Wednesday I finished the 5km route, no walking, with ease and energy to spare.

On top of getting back to the regular jogging, I started riding my bike home from work when ever possible. That’s about 60 minutes of riding each day (16km). And onthe weekeneds, I head to the beaches at stanley park by bike. Add another few km, hot sun, and some swimming to the mix.

This week’s activity recap

Jogging:  20km total

Bike Riding:  5hrs (at least) apx 75km

Goals for this coming week are very simple.

Sunday – fun fitness – swimming at the lake for many hours.

Jog 5km on Monday and Wed.

Aquafit on Tues. and Thursday

See 183 on the scale by next WI.

hello summer

Today feels like summer. I rode my bike home in the heat and loved every minute of it.

In lue of realizing that summer is upon us I decided to celebrate tonight by making my favourite summer dishes.


My own creation and new variation to Summer Salad

And Watermelon

I’m not a huge fan of summer and spend most of my time trying to avoid the sun (i’m a burner) but I love the summer food. YUM!

Quick progress update

Settling right into the new apartment and enjoying the unpacking and setting up part much more than the moving part. I’ve gotten right back into the usual weekly work/fitness routine and have been tracking all my meals on the WW online tracker.

Already, I have lost 3.4lbs since returning last week (WI on Wed. June 30) and still have 3 more days until Friday Weigh In.

Currently at 188.4. Goal for Friday is 187.5 (or better)

Since summer is here, I have been riding my bike home from work and tonight I attempted my first evening jog since returning home. Slightly embarrassed to admit that I  struggled to get through 5km, the same distance and same route that I ran for 3 months prior to vacation. I will blame asthma and allergies. It’s been a rough week for my poor lungs and will take a few more days to feel normal again. I’m doing everything I can to push through and get back some of that pre-vaca conditioning.

I have also agreed to run in the Terry Fox 10km this September…. in a group. I’m not much for group anything, especially jogging but I’m glad that I’m not only pushing myself through a fitness challenge but also a personal one.  All for a good cause. 🙂

Adventures in Europe – Pics

Adventures in Europe – June 2010

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