Quick progress update

Settling right into the new apartment and enjoying the unpacking and setting up part much more than the moving part. I’ve gotten right back into the usual weekly work/fitness routine and have been tracking all my meals on the WW online tracker.

Already, I have lost 3.4lbs since returning last week (WI on Wed. June 30) and still have 3 more days until Friday Weigh In.

Currently at 188.4. Goal for Friday is 187.5 (or better)

Since summer is here, I have been riding my bike home from work and tonight I attempted my first evening jog since returning home. Slightly embarrassed to admit that I  struggled to get through 5km, the same distance and same route that I ran for 3 months prior to vacation. I will blame asthma and allergies. It’s been a rough week for my poor lungs and will take a few more days to feel normal again. I’m doing everything I can to push through and get back some of that pre-vaca conditioning.

I have also agreed to run in the Terry Fox 10km this September…. in a group. I’m not much for group anything, especially jogging but I’m glad that I’m not only pushing myself through a fitness challenge but also a personal one.  All for a good cause. 🙂


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