WI – July 16

-2.2 lbs

Current Weight:  185.2 lbs

I can’t believe I weigh 185.2 lbs. It feels like that happened so quickly I didn’t realize how much could happen in just a few months.  I realized at some point today that I am half way to my goal weight. 35lbs down, 36 more pounds to go. 1 pound at a time.

I have never had a dramatic loss or gain so far, even though I keep hoping for some kind of  impressive number drop like 4 or 5 pounds in one week, my body seems to like the 2 pound range and I’m happy with that.  If you do your math properly, it adds up quickly. I’ve learned so much about how my body responds to different types of food, how much activity is needed, when to be strict and when to splurge.

I finally feel settled into the new apartment but allergies are making my lungs weak.  I attempted my first jog since I got back from vacation 2 weeks ago on Monday. It was pathetic. I could barely reach the 2km mark without stopping to catch my breath. I eventually finished the usual 5km route but walked for about half of it. It was a huge red flag of what I needed to work on this week so I tried again on Tuesday.  It went better on tuesday but still not great. Finally  Wednesday I finished the 5km route, no walking, with ease and energy to spare.

On top of getting back to the regular jogging, I started riding my bike home from work when ever possible. That’s about 60 minutes of riding each day (16km). And onthe weekeneds, I head to the beaches at stanley park by bike. Add another few km, hot sun, and some swimming to the mix.

This week’s activity recap

Jogging:  20km total

Bike Riding:  5hrs (at least) apx 75km

Goals for this coming week are very simple.

Sunday – fun fitness – swimming at the lake for many hours.

Jog 5km on Monday and Wed.

Aquafit on Tues. and Thursday

See 183 on the scale by next WI.


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2 responses to “WI – July 16

  • Meg

    Way to go! Those are great fitness goals for the week. I particularly like the ‘fun fitness’ goal – because being active IS fun. Who knew?

  • lifeistooshortforlowfatcheese

    that’s AWESOME that you’re down to 185!! I find that weight loss is like that. For months you think it’s never going to happen – and then one day you look and there it is!

    I’ve never had a huge dramatic loss in my life – I think my biggest loss in a week was 2.5 lb when I first started WW. My losses are like 0.5-1 lb per week (if I’m lucky!). Talk about discouraging!

    Anyway, keep it up, and congrats!!


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