not so great week

Not so great week pretty much says it all. I’d love to blame it on summer…but, I don’t think anyone would believe me.  It’s seems every season could have its own excuses. There’s summer with all of the beaches and bbqs, ice cream treats and assorted iced drinks (which just might be spiked). Then comes Fall with Thanksgiving turkeys and pumpkin pies. Winter with different  Christmas party each week and treats that can put even the best weight watchers on the naughty list. Spring brings out chocolate bunnies and heart shaped candy.
So….. My point is that there is always a reason to celebrate, always another party or special dinner, and there’s always a choice. Today I chose to turn this week around and stay perfectly on plan. Picture of my turkey sandwich for lunch, dinner will be a delish salad and to top the night off with an 8-10km run.


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