Fat Toni


First of all, Hi Silent Reader. I’ve been almost MIA so far this summer and trying my best to keep up with semi regular posts.  My schedule has been thrown off the norm since I’ve been commuting via bike and many time end up at a beach or a friend’s house or somewhere that isn’t blog land. But trust me when I say that I am still on track with all of this weight losing business.

Today, however,  felt like a huge struggle. Every once in a while I get into a full on figurative fist fight with my old habits. Fat Toni and Future  Fit Toni battle it out until Future fit Toni  wins because she faster, fitter, healthier and stronger. (obviously)

I really felt like being lazy today, just like yesterday, and 4 days prior to that. That’s exactly how I gained way too much weight and ended up at 220lbs.  Even on my lazy days I am relatively active for an average person, running around to see friends, riding my bike on fun adventures, babysitting little kids, and carrying groceries for 10 blocks but I need that extra push. It’s not enough for me to do what I do everyday. I need to schedule in those activities that make my heart rate go up and the sweat pour.

Tonight I jogged. 7km in total.  A friend was working a late shift at her office so I jogged down town and met her for a quick coffee break.  I take this route often on my bike to get to downtown Vancouver or to the beach but I have never wandered through and really looked at how pretty the different neighborhoods are.  I seemed to pass through 3 completely different worlds, starting in East Van, cutting through China town, and over the viaduct to Yale town. I despise the yuppy yale town area but nobody can deny how pretty it is.  Going over the viaduct was interesting and almost awkward as I became so much more aware of my ass and other parts that might just be too jiggly as traffic passed by.   But, at this age and this stage in the weight loss game, there is no time to hold back because of insecurities… so, I turn up the ipod and ignore the rest of the world and enjoy the scenery.

I snapped a few photos along the way to share. Enjoy.

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3 responses to “Fat Toni

  • Lisa

    Good for you! I keep striving to have that kind of motivation…some days I get there, some days I don’t. Your blog has been motivating and makes me feel like I can conquer this weight loss journey.

    Keep it up!

    Silent Reader

  • Lisa

    I love that Fat Toni vs Fit Toni!

    I feel you – it’s hard to fight off old habits (even after months of being on the “health train”). I too am struggling with my old lazy self.

    Just got to push through it – right…. 170’s here we come!

  • Meg

    Kick that Fat Toni in the butt!

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