Recent progress pic

I realized today that I haven’t posted a progress pic for almost two months, since way back in May before I went on vacation.

Ta. Da.

Excuse the crap quality, I used my phone camera. You may not notice much difference but I do. I particularly like the way my shoulders and collarbone are looking.  I am so proud of myself this summer because I’m actually wearing shorts on a regular basis. I even converted an old pair of yoga pants into running shorts (looks awesome by the way) and went jogging… GULP!!! …  in PUBLIC. That is pure bravery my friend. I have always been embarrassed about my arms, at least since I was 10, but this summer I bare arms with the best of  em’.   I will admit to having the stupidest tan lines which I got from wearing  a back pack on my bike rides and out-door adventures. It comes with the whole new lifestyle changing business.  🙂


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