Girl Power!! Friday WI results


I have a very special reminder for all of us girls straight from a 3-year-old. “Girls never give up”

Her name is Jordan. She is the daughter of my best friend, sister to baby Sammy, and my niece by proxy (and a lot of love).

She is adorable and sweet and way too smart. We decided to go swimming at the outdoor swimming pool but in order to get there, we would have to walk  1.5 km. That is a lot for some adults never mind a little girl. Once we were all packed and heading out the door I prepared Jo for the journey by explaining that this might be a long walk, and that it might be difficult because there is one big hill but after that we would be at the swimming pool.  Then she said ” I won’t give up. Girls never give up! Right?” . Every few blocks she would say it again, and would assure her that she is exactly right,  we never give up.  I have never had such a good cheerleader at my side.

I am usually annoyed by forced sentiment and fluffy emotional stuff and yet, here I am giving a pep talk like an Oprah special but bear with me.  This little phrase, from a little girl, kept me going this week and helped me accomplish everything.  Girls never give up. I don’t give up… even when the hills ahead look too big and the road looks too long, because, as long as I don’t give up I  WILL get to my goal.  Every time I felt like switching from jogging to walking, or cutting the jog short and turning back early, or eating candy instead of fresh fruit, or getting takeout instead of making a healthy lunch, I reminded myself not to give up.

And it totally paid off. My weight last week was 187lbs.  I’ve been hovering for 10 weeks between 190lbs and 185lbs and haven’t been able to break this little plateau…until TODAY.

WI Results

183.8  lbs    -3.2 from last week

I am so happy.  I didn’t reach my July Goal of 10lbs but I broke my 5lbs plateau and learned what it’s going to take from this point to continue to see progress and get to my goal.

This week I jogged a total of 20km and cycled 80km, walked briskly with groceries (3 times x 3km) 9kms, and lifted weight (if we count baby sammy as weight lifted )

I totally rocked this week and on my way out of the 180s.

So, don’t give up.  🙂

Congratulations to one of my favourite Weight loss bloggers, Ms Bitchcakes, who reached her goal weight this week. How exciting.


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5 responses to “Girl Power!! Friday WI results

  • Meg

    Adorable little girl! And so very wise 🙂

    Great job, Toni!

  • Jacqueline

    Congrats on your weight loss!! Jo really is a special little girl, always amazed what comes out of her. Child-like wisdom, so simple and so true. Love you Tones and my Jordan! Going to have to take my own daughter’s advice and never give up. It’s the lesson that I tell her all the time, now I have to remember to follow what I say and be the best example I can be. We both have to be examples to Jo of how girls never give up!!

  • Lisa

    Yeah Toni – you rock! I have no doubts that you’ll reach you’re goal… what a great loss you had this week!

  • Ambina

    Just so so so cute. I love.

    You are doing amazing. You LOOK amazing. Smaller every time I see you.

  • lifeistooshortforlowfatcheese

    omg I just realized I’m posting at the exact same time as Ambina and we are both at work. hahaha!

    Anyway, just wanted to say good post and you look gorgeous in the pics! I can’t remember the last time I wore shorts. oh well, it’s not a pretty sight anyway.


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