August goals

A new month equals more goals.

Summer has proved to be a basket of random shenanigans but I’m doing my best to keep a balance between having a lot of fun with a lot of fitness and mostly healthy choices.  Since most of my friends are taking off for vacation through August, I feel more focused on what I have to do.

Aug. Goals

1. Weight:  170lbs – by Sept 3rd

2. Jogging:  60km Total. (est. based on 5km/3 per week)

3. Fit into my favourite pair of jeans. (apx. 3-5 inches from hips/tummy area

4. Cycling: Cycle home 3 days per week

5. Core work out 1x per week – not sure what or how yet, but I need to bring more focus to my mid section and bring down the inches.

Updates weekly

On a side note:

This weekend on my way to the bank I found the Trout Lake Farmers market and ended up spending $60 as I passed through to “just look”

I like cucumbers but I don’t really love them, however, when I saw this little mandrine sized cucumber I had to get some.


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2 responses to “August goals

  • G

    Hey you,
    I got back from vacation last week and I was following your blog before leaving. It’s not like I know you, but I still read your blog – and what’s going on? Your post-vacation motivation was fun to read – don’t give up the good work 😉

  • Lisa


    I miss you – where have you gone!


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