Aug. 25th

Hi Silent Reader…. how August 25th come so quickly?

I just spent a week in bed with a horrible fever and some kind of head cold.  Of all the things in life that really bother me,  sitting around and waiting is the worst. I absolutely can’t stand doing nothing and wasting time, but every once in a while the gale force of some microbug will knock a person on her slightly less flabby butt for a while and force bed rest. A gorgeous weekend went by, wasted on waiting around to feel better. Now, before this sounds like one huge complaint, let me turn this around. The few hours spent awake in the Tylenol Cough and Cold induced fog, I had time to think. I came out of this week being so grateful for general health. Of course it helped  knowing that this too shall pass with a cup of soup and lots of sleep.  That’s not always the case for everyone.

I also realized today that my last post was on August 3…. so, I repent.

I put “the plan”  in the back seat for a while but as everyone comes back from vacation and settles into routine,  I am putting together my fitness and meal plans for the next few weeks. I’ve lost a bit of momentum and let a few good habits drop this month but it’s time to pick it back up and get to it. 

3 weeks have flown by in a summer heat wave of awesome fun.  I haven’t lost or gained a single pound since my last check-in but the weeks have been filled with everything I love about summer. Canoeing, swimming, hiking, jogging, riding bikes, and the usual bbqs and picnics.  (will post some pics later. : )


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