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TGIF – WI and other news.

Psych! – I haven’t weighed in yet. ūüôā

When I checked yesterday I was at 183, when I checked again yesterday, I was at 183.4.

I’m guessing, and my scale will correct me if I’m wrong, that¬† I am in the 183 range.¬†Current weight status update later.

I have to say that I did really great this week and really got into a work/social/fitness/dinner schedule and seem to be adjusting into a new routine quite easily.

This week I¬†did a 3-5 km jog¬†EVERY SINGLE¬†DAY.¬†I scheduled it in to my¬†days, planned around it and¬†didn’t let anything stop me from at least hitting the streets for¬†a minimum¬†20 minutes.¬†I started off with motivation and determination which turned into¬†“uhg, i’m¬†so tired and just want to watch a movie” but I chose to ignore those thoughts, put my runners on and kick¬†any de-motivation butt right out the window. I discovered¬†a GIANT new park and virtually got lost on each run.¬† Terry Fox run is coming up in 2 days. I feel almost ready and with the T-shirt fellow team-mate and WW friend had made up today, I feel…… Hyped.¬† One last long practice run tomorrow morning, with lots of water and stretching through out the day, and I’ll feel as ready as one sort of chubby chick can before a 10k.

I ate my super awesome salad for lunch and made delish gourmet meals like this one  for dinner with fresh, organic products. 

Every feel like this is just so hard? I rarely let that thought enter my mind but this week, it feels so hard. extra difficult with little pay off, or hardly a pound to show for it. I’m sitting down tomorrow to draw an outline of what I can do at this point to get me through the 170’s and onward, and when that will fit into my life. A new class? longer runs? Morning runs? New recipes? I’m not sure, but I need to spice this up a bit and have fun with it. ūüôā Suggestions welcome.


When the wind changes directions

I mentioned a few posts ago about a semi-difficult summer and living situation. Well my friends, the whirl wind of change has changed my life quite a bit in the last 2 weeks.

I went from Single city girl to coupled up and moving to the burbs.

Remember that boyfriend from way way¬†way back, before you knew me? of course not. I rarely talk about him or what we had or how hard it was to not be with him. My focus was on me and my life,¬†my health, my plate. me me¬†ME MEMEmemememe.¬†In 6 months I regained a sense of identity that had slipped away gradually through the ups and downs of my mid twenties.¬†I came out in the end (but this is not really the end)¬†happier, stronger, and knowing who I am and what makes me¬†awesome as a person, and even what’s not so awesome and needs more work. ¬†

One of the most useful skills I’ve¬†picked up¬†through my weight watcher’s experience and losing my first 40lbs is the ability to make good choices. I don’t have to second guess everything and hope for the best. I look at what is in front of me¬†for what it is and¬†know what to look for and what will be the best choice.¬†This is not just food related. I recently noticed how this straightforward approach works for pretty much everything. So, when Casey (said ex-boyfriend) showed up out of no-where after 6 months with declarations of¬† “I love you and want to live the rest of my life with you”, ¬†a huge decision had to be made.¬†

So, here we are, 3 weeks later, signing a lease and picking out furniture and talking about what to name our future dog, and…¬†I couldn’t be happier.

Casey is one of the healthiest people I have ever known but that doesn’t mean I am not still responsible for my own choices. He’s super healthy but comes with a bad habit of getting take out and pizza when he doesn’t feel like cooking.¬† I’ve filled him in on what I’m doing with all of this Weight Watcher’s stuff, what points are and why I run to the computer before I eat anything,¬†¬†“eat anything Saturdays” ¬†and what kind of¬†food WE are going to eat in our new place. He’s fully on board and supportive.¬†So, starting October 1st, we will be in our new place (gorgeous by the way) with plans of gardens, home-made meals, fun hikes and outdoor activities together.

That’s the slightly off topic update of my life and what’s been happening behind the blog. ūüôā

WI and what i’m working on this week

It’s official folks, I weigh 182.2 lbs. I’m so excited to see a new number.

I’m not sure if I told you guys yet, that I’m running in this year’s Terry Fox run. I meant to spend the last month building up my 5km runs to 10k but, life got a little crazy and then just changed gears all of a sudden on top of getting sick TWICE. I am all rested up and feeling healthy again so it’s back to training.

I have 8 days until the run and 8 days to train. My plan is, ready for it?, to run every day until then. I would like to do the full 10k but I’m just going to do my best and be happy that I did it in the first place.

I’m also looking forward to the benefits of working out everyday for a week and building up the conditioning that will help me go further.

Wish me luck and send your healthy vibes my way. Cheerleaders welcome ūüôā


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It’s not weigh in day but I had to share this moment with someone. 182… Wow. I’m actually making progress even after a mini vaca last weekend. For some reason, it just feels easy and natural to make good healthy choices this month. WI tomorrow… Can’t wait to see the number

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friday WI and long weekend goals

Hi silent reader,

It’s weigh in time again. I lost a total of… Ready for it… 5 lbs. Exactly.

Today I weigh 184.2 which is a vast improvement from the past few weeks.

Huh…. Soooo eating healthy and exercise really does work. who knew ūüėČ (JK)

I am on my way to a lake to go camping and fishing with my mom and sister. Packed and ready to go, healthy food plan and motivation to boot. All I need to pick up is a stock of candy… (Record scratch). Wait! What? Where did that come from?

Everyone knows I have what can only be defined as an “addiction” to candy. But, over the last 6 months I’ve learned to replace the craving for candy with healthy options like cherries or grapes or blueberries and other fresh fruit. I realized that I had this trigger reaction because I’m going to the wilderness where no candy lives. I won’t have the option to choose not to have it. It won’t be there. It’s just like if a smoker who’s trying to quite bought a pack to keep around “just in case”, but, of course there will be cravings. We have to plan to expect the craving to come and have a game plan for that moment.
Why set yourself up to struggle through instead of over come it. So, here I am, heading out into the candyless wild to my own person al rehab of sorts, away from tempting treats and surrounded by nature and all of it’s goodness.

Will post pics soon ūüôā

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hello september, my name is awesome.

I was about to post a mid-week update when I realized we’re starting a whole new month.

August turned out to be a month filled with more personal challenges to sort through than I could have expected. Starting off fresh in my beautiful new apartment where everything was supposed to be the ideal single city girl’s dream, complete with healthy lifestyle and awesome best friend…. But… That didn’t really happen. Without dipping into the TMI pool, I will say that an unexpected addition was added to the mix with his¬†bag of¬† too-much-partying . I would chalk it¬†up to differences in life style and being at different places in life.¬†If you have been following me, you might have noticed that I thrive in stability and having a plan. A flexible outline of a plan that may change at any moment,¬†but, it works for me. Instead of thriving, I was tolerating, waiting for something to change or feel better….. And finally it did. ūüôā

I made a choice to focus what was on my actual real plate of food instead of my¬†hypothetical plate of life. Get back to the basics we all know work: plan ahead, eat fresh food, and track everything. IT WORKED. I will reveal the results of my WI tomorrow. ūüôā

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