hello september, my name is awesome.

I was about to post a mid-week update when I realized we’re starting a whole new month.

August turned out to be a month filled with more personal challenges to sort through than I could have expected. Starting off fresh in my beautiful new apartment where everything was supposed to be the ideal single city girl’s dream, complete with healthy lifestyle and awesome best friend…. But… That didn’t really happen. Without dipping into the TMI pool, I will say that an unexpected addition was added to the mix with his bag of  too-much-partying . I would chalk it up to differences in life style and being at different places in life. If you have been following me, you might have noticed that I thrive in stability and having a plan. A flexible outline of a plan that may change at any moment, but, it works for me. Instead of thriving, I was tolerating, waiting for something to change or feel better….. And finally it did. 🙂

I made a choice to focus what was on my actual real plate of food instead of my hypothetical plate of life. Get back to the basics we all know work: plan ahead, eat fresh food, and track everything. IT WORKED. I will reveal the results of my WI tomorrow. 🙂

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