friday WI and long weekend goals

Hi silent reader,

It’s weigh in time again. I lost a total of… Ready for it… 5 lbs. Exactly.

Today I weigh 184.2 which is a vast improvement from the past few weeks.

Huh…. Soooo eating healthy and exercise really does work. who knew 😉 (JK)

I am on my way to a lake to go camping and fishing with my mom and sister. Packed and ready to go, healthy food plan and motivation to boot. All I need to pick up is a stock of candy… (Record scratch). Wait! What? Where did that come from?

Everyone knows I have what can only be defined as an “addiction” to candy. But, over the last 6 months I’ve learned to replace the craving for candy with healthy options like cherries or grapes or blueberries and other fresh fruit. I realized that I had this trigger reaction because I’m going to the wilderness where no candy lives. I won’t have the option to choose not to have it. It won’t be there. It’s just like if a smoker who’s trying to quite bought a pack to keep around “just in case”, but, of course there will be cravings. We have to plan to expect the craving to come and have a game plan for that moment.
Why set yourself up to struggle through instead of over come it. So, here I am, heading out into the candyless wild to my own person al rehab of sorts, away from tempting treats and surrounded by nature and all of it’s goodness.

Will post pics soon 🙂

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