vancouver hiking girls

I also have to share about this seriously inspiring group of fellow weight watcher girls. We formed a little group back in May 2010 but it pretty much stayed with just me and Lindsay. And then, suddenly in november there were a couple more and now we’re up to nearly 10. This picture was from our November skate date when we all did a big meet up. It’s been all fun since then. Snow shoeing, hiking, jogging, coffee dates and a ton of text messages. We are all so different but it all works somehow. The best part is having friends that are just as dedicated to making changes, losing weight, and activity. It’s inspiring. Just love them.

This weekend we are doing a seawall jog. 5-10km and 12km on sunday. Woohoo!!

And a picture of me from the same day. 🙂

At 185lbs.

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