177 day left to change my life

It sounds so dramatic when you put it that way but it’s really true.

I’ve made a couple “no excuses” changes in regards to the next 6 months. Changes that eliminate bad habits that I believe are holding me back and causing me to stay stuck. It’s time for some hard core tweeks and tuning to my daily habits.

I am 7 days sober from Candy, alcohol, and coffee. In the past, I have tried to cut back, I have tried saving points for certain treats, I have tried to have a reasonable sized portioned treat, but the story always goes that one taste leads to many, many, and too many more. So…. Done and done. Eventually I will introduce small treats of my favourites back into my life but not for at leats 6 months. No coffee, candy or the beloved boozahol.

One food I am greatly reducing and avoiding as much as possible is Dairy. First of all, I’m allergic to milk. The less fat content,the worse the reaction. For the last 2 years this was the excuse I maintained to get away with the full fat coffee cream in my 4 or 5 cups of coffee everyday. I also noticed that all the richest foods that are the culprit of most cravings are foods containing dairy, like cheese and ice cream and pudding and cheese cake. Of course it would be difficult to X out completely but avoiding is 99% manageable.

Some will totally get all of this, the rest will think I’m blinking crazy, but I am of completely sound and stable mind. It all comes down to getting to that goal and it’s only 177 days away.

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