Chili con turkey and a ton of veggies.

I made this turkey chili on sunday in anticipation of a busy week and it was AMAZING. I took a basic chili recipe, used ground turkey (*grain fed organic, special ordered from my local butcher shop) and added all of my favourite veggies. It’s so hearty that 1 cup is enough.

Here we are at the end of the first week of 2011.

I went for my first jog of the new year on monday night and managed to pull off 7km. Not bad after a few weeks of holidays (ahem: Slacking) and the flu. It’s a great starting point for the year and to start training for a half marathon. It’s amazing when I look back to when I started last March. I could barely run 4 blocks but that quickly became 2 km until I pushed to reach 5 and eventual suprized myself with a 10km.

So, it’s Thursday and by now I usually have a weekend full of dinners and drinks lined up but all of that is changing. I’ve always looked forward to my extra long saturday morning jogs but this weekend’s will be a bit different. I’ve always gone solo but this weekend I decided to invite the WW girls to join for added inspiration and maintain some kind of social life while I decline anything that involves restaurants or bars.

This week I just jumped right back into planning and prepping all meals, tracking every bite, and running every night since monday. 23 km total,
Goal for next week: 35km: two 10 km, three 5km

I’ve also added a little challenge: 50 crunches every morning. I’m only on day 2 so there’s nothing to speak of.

WI is tomorrow so wish me luck. 🙂

Ps: thank you silent readers for the kind and supportive notes, comments and emails this week. There are a couple questions I will address soon.

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