More 2010 WW Adventures and… WI.

WI Results:    -5lbs

Now before we go all crazy with WOW’s and OMgosh’s,  I am not the least bit surprized by this. First of all, I had major water retention left over from a very indulgent christmas MONTH. My meals had very little structure and contained a lot of crackers, fancy cheeses, chocolates, candy, dinning out and portions that could feed a small village. Secondly, I had the flu for 2 days, Friday through to Sunday.  The part I AM proud of is that when I was finally over being sick, I decided to kick off the new year by running 5km minimum every night from Monday to Thursday.   And I did.  Not only did I challenge myself fitnesswise, but also in meals and snacks. I made every meal at home from scratch and traded in all of my candy snacks with fresh fruit. 10 days sober from all candy, coffee and alcohol and I’m feeling GREAT.

All of this brings me to 185lbs. I’m very happy to be at this weight but I still have 5 more pounds to lose this month and a feeling it will be much MUCH more difficult to achieve than it was last week. 

My goals this week:
Weight: -2lbs

Jogging: 35km Total: 10km jogs x 2, 5km jogs x 3  

Meals: Plan and prepare ALL meals and snacks. Have ZERO incidents where hunger takes over and I rampage the store for a “snack” and end up using way too many points. No more eating on the run or letting myself get to that point that feels like hunger is an emergency.  

Here are a few more pictures of the Vancouver Hiking Girls having fun on our dates. Some from our Snow Shoeing adventure in December in Mt. Seymour. And YES… Me and Linsday fell into a creek and almost died. Well.. it wasn’t really that bad but it was EFFING cold. (*sorry krystal. I don’t have a pic of you from that day) 

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