Half marathon train etc.

Until 1 week ago, I had no desire or dream to ever run a half marathon. Even though I love running it just seemed….rediculous.  I mean, I’m not a racer, I don’t care about speed, nor do I care much about running with groups of other people, and I don’t want it to take up ALL of my free time. I really simply did not see much reason to try.  Up to now, 10km was enough of a challenge to work up to. But, one day last week I realized that I need a new challenge, some seemingly impossible goal to work towards. After talking to a new friend who is a very similar weight, height, body type, and similar weight loss goal and also loves to run as much or even more than I do, I was inspired to try for the half marathon.

I am usually the “runner” in any group. I hadn’t met anyone with the same drive and dedication to try to do more and more, to continue pushing further when it feels too hard, to run rain or shine no matter what,  until I met Bridget.  I had always compared myself to others who are just starting out, maybe don’t run as much or have the desire to do much more than a stint around a few blocks, or they just flake and stop trying. After a very brief chit chat with Bridget over messages and texts, I realized that I had never met anyone who was better than me (at running). She is already training to run 5 half marathons THIS YEAR and did 2 or 3 last year.  All of a sudden I felt silly for thinking a half marathon is unrealistic for someone like me.  Here is someone who is statistically just like me but already doing way more than I could imagine. So.. I want to try to do it too.

Now that I’ve found my new goal, I have to come up with a game plan.  For now, I am going to do 10km on saturday and sunday mornings for the rest of the month. 3 more weekends in Jan. This will help me get used to running a full 10km and what that feels like.  Officially start with this training schedule on Jan 31st.


You can meet Bridget over on her blog here: http://runningtoahealthybee.tumblr.com/post/2704187934/inspiration

Any helpful feedback or tips are welcome.


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2 responses to “Half marathon train etc.

  • Krys

    I am definitely inspired by you both!
    I am an ex-runner – in fact, biathlete. Due to the severity of my knee condition, I may never be able to run the way I once used to. I do have a lot of great tips/tricks at home that I can send your way for runners! 🙂
    Maybe one day i’ll be able to run along side you but even if not, i’m happy to still be out and about jogging and walking!

  • Alice

    You can do it! I trained and ran a half-marathon in 4 months and I went from having a baby and sitting on a couch to running 21 km! I recommend finding a book about running too since I found reading one really helpful while training. I never worried about too much/ not enough water, etc… b/c the book always told me what was safe. You’re going to rock this and you’ll so be hooked! I ran my first April 2010 and my 2nd Sept 2010. Now I’m pregnant and have to wait for my 3rd but once this kidlet is out hello half number 3!

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