Jan 22 – Snow Shoeing and the goal wardrobe

Mt Seymour - snow shoeing - Jan 22

This picture is proof that I don’t fall into every river when I go snow shoeing.

Yesterday a few of us WW girls (Vancouver Hiking Girls) went snow shoeing at Mt Seymour. Our second snow shoe adventure. It is so much fun that we’re going to try to get as many more snow shoe/winter activities in before the season is over.

My boyfriend came with me while the rest of the girls got a head start. We ended up jogging the trails in our snow shoes which was one of the best work outs I’ve had in a long time. We were having so much fun trekking up the mountain side and exploring.  You would think that snow shoeing is just too cold but NO, it’s actually frustratingly hot once you starting hiking up those mountains. No winter jacket needed, even wearing a hoody can get too hot. The trick is to skip the heavy winter coat, wear a few layers (light tank, 1 heavy long sleeve T-shirt, 1 hoody/sweatshirt/sweater), and  keep moving (and don’t fall into rivers)

One of my inspirations to get out of the 180’s is a collection of new wardrobe items that I started around christmas time. I am currently a size 12-14 (depending on the store) in 10-15lbs I should be a 10/11.  I found a few gorgeous items on sale at the outlet mall just after christmas to start a “Goal Wardrobe”. Most people have a goal outfit but this stuff should fit until I reach my ultimate goal.  The snow pants in the above picture BARELY fit me the day I bought them and now feel loose around the waist and hip area so I know the inches are going but the weight is still holding on.

Since all of my currently “skinny” cloths are now feeling baggy, I can look forward to fitting into my new wardrobe soon.

Everything is 1-3 sizes smaller and I can not wait to wear that dress.

For the rest of the week I am focusing on the leanest of the lean proteins that I can find, chick peas and other beans, tuna, chicken breast and staying away from unnecessary fat and calories like bacon and sausages, cheese. Looking for those high fiber, high protein, low fat, light carbs (or healthy carbs like apples)


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