wanting to binge

I just failed a test this morning (over something incredibly stupid and should not have been focused on but what ever) and I have the biggest urge to binge. It might also be the PMS taking over, perhaps a little stress and a little lack of sleep, but what ever the reasons, I just want to self medicate and soothe with greasy food. The cycle of thinking starts with wanting to feel better which triggers memories of food that gave me that high, the subtle excitement and enjoyment from eating it. Once a thought of a particular food has been focused in on, a plan to acquire desired indulgence starts to form and usually carried out.
It wasn’t until last year that I started to recognize the patterns and it’s taken try after try to reason and talk myself out of them. Now, more often than not, I do succeed and go for healthy.

Today, I wanted a bacon cheesre burger, fries, a fancy high sugar coffee drink and a treat to top it off. I was able to recognize the feelings and thoughts, the triggers, and turn it around into healthy options. Instead of all that other junk I got this

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A favourite tea and a munchie protein platter. Sure, it’s not perfect but my success is in the process of changing my mind and going for a healthier option.


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One response to “wanting to binge

  • Lisa

    Wow – I did the EXACT SAME THING this morning – right down to the SAME SB platter! ‘cept I got a zen tea instead of refresh.

    WAY better than a cheese burger – way to go Toni!

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