WI. and a little rant

Aren’t we tired of hearing the same story over and over. “Up 4lbs, down 3, Up 1, down 1. Stayed the same” It’s always the same and nothing is new. No matter what my results, that big huge fat number 8 still sticks to my big huge fat arse.

Sure, I lost 40lbs in 5 months. Yay me!  That was 7 months ago. I am still nowhere near a healthy body weight.

The worst part about feeling “stuck”, other than the pure frustration of being stuck, is knowing that there is nothing else you can do right. I AM following a healthy diet plan, using proper measurements, counting all those calories, staying in the plan, getting 1.5-3 hours of fitness everyday. My body is just so happy being in the 180’s that it just won’t let go. I wouldn’t feel upset or frusterated if I gained weight because it was deserved (for lack of a better word). A scenario where I predominantly indulged and sat on my butt.

But this is not that kind of situation. According to every health plan I have ever researched, I am already living a healthy lifestyle. I am doing it right. Do I really need to become one of those extreme health crazed people who only eat egg whites and leafy greens, wake up at 4 am to run a half marathon before work every day and have no social life, never eat a bite of chocolate and go to bed at 8 because that’s ALL they care about. That sounds awful and no fun; No Thank You!

That still leaves me sitting here after 7 months thinking “What(the fuck) gives?”  What do I need to do? The last thing I want is another person’s advice on what I need to do or the latest diet fad. “maybe you need to eat more” “make sure you’re getting enough protein” “you need to eat carbs too”

To which I say ” NO DUH!!!”  I’ve heard it, I’ve tried, It didn’t work.

Even though this staying-the-same situation is very frustrating, I never really lose hope or stop trying to do my best. Yes, I am angry but  I still want to use these feelings to keep me moving in the right direction. Feeling frustrated is not an excuse to give up and revert back to my old “fat” lifestyle. Instead of trashing all of my hard work that got me this far, I want to use these feelings to fuel new inspiration and a new game plan. Obviously, if what I’m currently doing is not producing results, it is time to try something new.

So… My WI results this week?   Up .04lbs.  187.6

All I can come up with as far as  new game plan is mixing up my fitness schedule with new classes. A varied plan to teach my body new ways to lose weight.  I suspect that, although incredibly satisfying, running is no longer enough.  I need to tone and build more muscle that will in turn, burn more calories and get me out of this plateau.  I start yoga tomorrow and will update you all with a review next week. 🙂



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